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  1. I did not know anyone who had applied for GROW when I started the application process, so I can share how I went about it. I first decided which country I wanted to go to and for how long. Then I started looking into researchers at various universities in that country whose work would be complementary to my own line of research. I "cold-emailed" because I did not know anyone in the country I chose to go to, but I was fortunate to get a "yes" from the very first researcher I got in touch with. Just make sure to briefly yet informatively describe to them in your email who you are, what the GROW
  2. I am working on doing the same thing right now. They basically told me to clear the new dates with my host and then let them (NSF GROW) know what these new dates are.
  3. That's a bummer, but best of luck with your GRIP!
  4. Sorry to hear that! Did they provide any reasons why?
  5. I am also trying to figure this out right now, so let me know if you learn anything about this first. I'm hoping to be able to go with the Work and Holiday visa (462), but it might not be suitable for you due to the length of your trip.
  6. Just heard from the NSF GRFP that my GROW travel request to go to Australia has been approved! Now just need to figure out how to make this all work considering that my original June 1 start date is no longer going to work. Good luck everyone!
  7. I'm hoping to go to Sydney, although the timeline of this is getting complicated. It looks like last year people found out about Australia around May 25th, but they were planning on notifying earlier this year. I also have not been in touch with my host ever since I submitted the application, since I would not be able to provide them with any specific timeline at this point anyway...
  8. Fingers crossed they will notify us earlier than the end of May/early June this year. Do you know if your Australia host has been contacted yet? I'd guess they would hear something before we are formally notified. When were you planning on starting your trip and where in Australia are you hoping to go?
  9. I originally planned on starting on June 1 (very optimistic, I know!), but, well, considering no one knows what is going on yet, I will have to make more realistic plans somehow. Sorry that you are in the same boat, this uncertainty is very frustrating.
  10. They just seem to be pretty unresponsive and hands off in general, unfortunately. The only time (out of a few) I got a response from them, it was basically just "all you can do is wait" type of thing. So I'm still waiting to hear about my Australia application. What country are you waiting on?
  11. Congrats, this is great! Did you email them to ask, or did someone from GROW get in touch? When are you hoping to start your travels?
  12. Did any of you have any experience (or know of someone else's experience) with changing the dates of your proposed GROW stay and/or splitting the proposed trip into two trips? My proposed start date of June 1st in Australia is really not looking very feasible right now (assuming my proposal actually gets approved), so I was hoping to either postpone it by 2 months, or, even better, go this and then next summer instead. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  13. They told me about a week ago that they are on schedule to notify us by late April. Having read the posts from previous years, I am skeptical, but at the same time really hoping that this will indeed be the case. What country are you planning on going via GROW and for how long?
  14. Thanks for starting the thread! Congrats on your GRIP news, what type of internship is that? I applied for GROW in Australia for the summer, but haven't heard back yet. In the previous years, it seems like the notifications were delivered pretty late for this. My status is still "awaiting NSF approval" as of now. Getting a bit antsy since I was planning on heading over there in early June, if approved. I am only able to go for 3 months, over the summer, so hopefully I will hear back soon enough.
  15. Thank you so much! This is extremely helpful, and I PMed you a few more questions too if that's okay.
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