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  1. batcathat

    Marie Curie Individual Fellowship?

    Thank you!
  2. Hello, Does anyone know if Americans are eligible to apply for EU Marie Curie Individual Fellowships? It looks like they'd be eligible for the 'European Fellowship' type of IF, but no one seems to be able to give me a straight answer. Maybe someone on here knows/has done one? Thanks!
  3. batcathat

    NSF GRIP/GROW (2017-2018)

    Hello and welcome! I had that exact issue when I started -- I even reached out on here several times asking for samples of successful applications and no one replied. If you (or anyone reading this) are a social scientist, I'd be happy to share my application materials with you. I talked with my advisor about international scholars that he knew and where good work was being done in my field internationally. I also looked through the most recent editions of the international-scope journals in my field, found articles that piqued by interest, and looked at which schools the authors were affiliated with. Then "cold-emailed". After two rejected applications to Australia, I was informed that more STEM-focused fields prefer to work in countries that have English as the primary language and so would have a more competitive field of applicants, so I found researchers in another GROW country and applied there instead. The entire process is frustrating because NSF doesn't provide feedback on your applications. I had the NSF office at my university read through several drafts of my GROW essay and that seemed to help over time. Good luck! If you have any further questions, feel free to PM me
  4. batcathat

    NSF GRIP/GROW (2017-2018)

    Has anyone had experience with needing to shift dates? I originally said I'd start in August but I really need to start in September now. I emailed GROW but their email response rate isn't the greatest.
  5. batcathat

    NSF GRIP/GROW (2017-2018)

    I'll be at University of Gothenburg!
  6. batcathat

    NSF GRIP/GROW (2017-2018)

    I heard back from GROW today and I'll be going to Sweden! I'm a little confused though -- in previous years it looks like the NSF would tell other people before giving the students the final word. But I haven't heard anything from my collaborators in Sweden. Anyone else experiencing this? Meka, have you heard back?
  7. batcathat

    How negatively will this impact my applications?

    Ah, the trolls have come out to play.... In all seriousness. If you have a shot at McNair, do it. If you believe in yourself enough that you think you are ready to go to grad school, then definitely do it. Professors may teach you, but they don't know you as well as you know you, and they don't always know what you're capable of. This is going to sound ridiculous, but believe in yourself and ignore anyone who tries to tear you down. If the professor doesn't think you should go to grad school, schedule a meeting with that person and ask them why they think that and emphasize that you are not them. From your earlier posts, it sounds like your professor is reflecting on to you a bad experience that they had in grad school because they didn't take time off. And if they still say you need to take time off, find someone else or ask professors outside your department. I didn't take time off and I know now that it was absolutely the right decision for me, so it is possible. You can do it!
  8. batcathat

    Not sure if I should leave

    Yes! I was absolutely MISERABLE my first year! My apartment sucked. My landlord sucked. I was broke. I hated the town I was living in. My program wasn't what I expected. My partner was a 10 hour car ride away. I had wonderful friends and I liked my professors, but everything else was pretty terrible. Get help! There are support groups on campus that can help you find ways to make things better/easier to manage. Be open with your advisor (if you trust them) about what's going on with you. Try seeing a counselor. If you can talk it over with a counselor and they say you should move home, then go for it, but get their professional opinion first. The first year is by far the hardest I've been through, but it is so worth it! Good luck!!!
  9. batcathat

    The NSF GROW - what to expect and when to expect it?

    Hello all! I would likewise be interested if anyone has a successful GROW application. I applied last year for Australia and was rejected with an email saying it was "non competitive". I reached out to Rick for details and got nothing, so I have no idea how to improve for this go around this year. Pretty please? With sugar on top???
  10. batcathat

    Washington, DC and Maryland suburbs

    Hi all! Does anyone from the area have any thoughts on Hyattsville?
  11. batcathat

    University of Maryland - College Park

    Yes!!!! I'll be heading to College Park for anthropology this fall. So serious question -- what on earth are we supposed to do about renting in this area? I've been looking at apartments and rent is outrageous! It might be the fact I'm coming from Kentucky where everything is cheap, but still. Major sticker shock.
  12. batcathat

    Official decisions thread!

    I accepted U Maryland's offer last week for PhD in archaeology. Still havent heard back from two schools and I'm wait listed at another, but I don't care. Maryland was always my top choice and I jumped at the opportunity!
  13. batcathat

    Washington, DC and Maryland suburbs

    In addition to the above requests, does anyone have suggestions for locating housing other than craigslist? I've been watching it as well the last couple weeks and it isn't giving me much hope. Is there somewhere else people generally advertise rental properties?
  14. A friend of mine was contacted by her POI at CUNY that she had been accepted late last week. She applied for a PhD in archaeology.
  15. Similarly, I told one of my guy friends I applied to U Mass- Amherst. His response? "If you got in you'd have to go, cause that's where John Calipari [u Kentucky basketball coach] started coaching basketball at!" Because obviously the most important criteria for choosing a program in anthropology is whether or not John Calipari used to coach there. Sports people, I just don't understand them.

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