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  1. Fall 2017 Applicants

    Yes I'm on a fellowship here for a year.
  2. Fall 2017 Applicants

    Thanks for your advice! I actually just decided to apply to Upenn for this year and will look into UMass for next year if other things don't quite pan out. I decided against UMass this year because of the funding issues - from what I had read it was iffy and I am paying off my loans so not having more is very much a top priority. UPenn (Hornberger) is indeed my top choice in terms of research fit. The IEP prgram is at the MA level. I have 2 MAs and am only looking at straight PhD programs (3-4 years) because I am an old Thanks for the advice, friend!
  3. Fall 2017 Applicants

    Hi Everyone, I am a frequent lurker and old user of the boards. After doing a Fulbright, I declined my offer to do my PhD at UMD in SLA (2014) because I realized I wasn't really thrilled about the program, etc. I've spent the last two years doing Education Management in Morocco and am currently on an English Language Fellows grant here. My research interests are focused on North Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia) and how language policy here affects education and literacy in a multilingual/multicultural society. In particular, I am interested in higher education policy/university reforms and how this has produced a class of English speakers in a French environment. I am also interested in teacher training and evulation practices in the region. I am planning on applying to: UPenn (2 programs: Educational Linguistics & Ed Policy), University of Minnesota, NYU, Teacher's College, Stanford, UCLA, Indiana & University of Wisconsin, Madison. If any of you have other programs I should look at, or think any of these programs isn't a good fit, let me know
  4. Getting ready for 2017 Application season...

  5. Happy New Year from Morocco!

    1. MsDarjeeling


      Happy New Year Snuf!

  6. 3 year PhD program for linguistics

    It depends on the school. I have guaranteed funding for 3 years with an extra year of funding because of my Fulbright. So, the school ultimately wants me out in 3/4 years.
  7. SLA grad schools, which path to take?

    Hi! I am going to try to answer your questions 1) Does it hurt or not affect me to get a MA in Hispanic Linguistics, instead of a MA in SLA, then a PhD in SLA? I did my MA in Applied Ling and it was during that time that I got really interested in SLA. So, I got a really high GPA from my MA program, research experience, and a more focused idea of what I want to study during my PhD before applying to SLA programs. So, to answer your question, I do not think it would hurt you at all. If you did well, you could use your higher GPA to become more competitive, especially if you also do some research work with professors. In addition, you could also use Spanish and Portuguese in some form during your dissertation work, thereby incorporating your MA. 2) What schools focus on researching methods to teach languages? I would say that University of Arizona, University of Maryland, and University of Hawaii would be primary choices off of the top of my head. Within SLA there are normally 4 tracks, and depending on the program, you can either mix and match these four tracks or focus on one during your PhD. UMD (my school) wants us to mix all the tracks before selecting one to focus on. 3) Is it possible to get my MA at an easier reach school, then my PhD at a high reach school? I think I already answered this in number 1. Short answer: Yes. If you have any other questions please message me
  8. Fulbright 2014-2015

    I just wanted to say GOOD LUCK!! to all of you. Taking the Fulbright was the best decision I have made in my career so far. If any of you are applying to Morocco or are applying to be an ETA please do not hesitate to message me, I would be happy to help out!
  9. Chat not working

    So, should we set up another chat, then? I still come in to say hi and discuss fellowships with people and I joined around a year ago. I really miss the chat community from far away Morocco
  10. Fall 2014 applications

    I think if you are really interested in SLA you should try to find schools that have a department independent of Linguistics or Education. Yes, I know that also severely limits your options. UMD is one example, but I am not certain or how many others on your list would fit the criteria. Good Luck!
  11. Fulbright 2013-2014

    Hey current & future Fulbrighters, just wanted to share my blog with you all in case you are wondering about applying and wanted to read about my experiences:
  12. Getting ready to start teaching on the Fulbright this week! Woohoo! Morocco is amazing <3

    1. MikKar


      Nice that, enjoy your time there :)

    2. pears


      so cool! best wishes!

  13. less than a month til Morocco....

    1. AdilB990


      The excitement. The anticipation. :)

    2. Andean Pat

      Andean Pat

      Morocco???? GREAT!!!!

  14. Fulbright 2013-2014

    Ours was pretty awesome, too. Definitely ready for it to start.
  15. 2 months til Fulbright!!