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  1. Not recommended: E/VG, G/G, G/F. As other people have griped about, my proposal was misread by one reviewer. Not sure if this is my fault or the fault of reviewers reading too fast. Broader impacts was definitely my problem area. To future applicants: add even more than you'd think you'd need to make your case for broader impacts! ALSO: to future psych applicants, a reviewer had an issue with my studies using student samples. I would make sure to propose at least one study with a more diverse sample. Anyway, Congrats to all fellows! You deserve a BIG congrats because I get the sense t
  2. "safari can't open the page"
  3. right around 10 (on time according to the advisory message)
  4. Ah, gotcha. It sounds like MAPSS may be a good investment/fit for you!
  5. Hey there-- I am pretty familiar with the MAPSS program and am in psychology. Out of curiosity, did UChicago offer you a scholarship? I know that they sometimes offer partial or full merit scholarships to offset the cost of tuition (which is HIGH even for only one year). I am wondering whether the loans you will need to take out for MAPSS will basically equal the cost of the PhD program? Also, my boyfriend did the MAPSS program (though he was more in sociology). He said it was a tough year and the gap year before grad school is a little awkward. Just some things to consider --forgive
  6. me! i'm central time though
  7. I like how it seems like you're the only one lurking on grad cafe when the board is quiet....and then you realize that everyone is just as bad as you when something happens
  8. Interesting! This mystery has proven to be quite the distraction this afternoon... I'm hooked.
  9. I looked up the PI, Bradley Bond, and he is a dean of the graduate school at NIU and an associate professor of history. I have no clue what this listing means. When I first saw the listing, I assumed the PI was someone at the NSF, not a fellowship recipient. Instead of listing 2,000 award recipients for this week, they may have included one entry that represents the GRFP.
  10. Thanks-- Had a feeling it was something I just never noticed until now.
  11. I just noticed that on the awards offers and HM list search page, before you select a year it says "2014 Offered Award List--not yet available" right below the search fields. Has this always been below the search fields or is this new? For some reason I never noticed this before. I thought it just said "no applications found" until a year was selected. Sorry to keep fueling the paranoia fire here...
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