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    Fields: Linguistic Anthropology, Psychological Anthropology, Cultural Psychology ... Topics: language socialization, language ideologies, linguistic relativity, philosophies of language and mind, discourse and interdiscursivity, the discursive construction of culture, mass communication, gender, feminist anthropology, international "development", social change, social movements, language and globalization.
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    Sociocultural/Ling. Anth.

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  1. does anyone know if any of the following dissertation fieldwork grants are deferrable? NSF DDRIG SSRC IDRF Wenner Gren
  2. As someone who went into debt for an MS, I have to comment on this. DO NOT DO IT. THERE IS ANOTHER WAY. FIND IT. Student loan debt on that level will take over your life, regardless of whether it ends up being useful to you in some other way or not. WAIT. Do a master's IF AND ONLY IF it is FULLY funded (including living expenses) --- or if you can pay cash for everything it will entail. It doesn't matter how good the program is. Ask all the people who went to top tier medical, law, and business schools. This particular risk is absolutely not worth it, especially in the humanities and
  3. Oh also, for the payment due on 4/15, do I pay that as part of filing my annual return, or do I use whatever method I used to pay the amounts due on the other 3 due dates?
  4. This is helpful, guys! Thanks! One more question, just to be safe: the January 15th payment due date is actually for taxes owed from the PRIOR year, right? Example: Let's say I estimate owing $100 in 2015 (for the sake of simplicity). I should have figured out this estimate at the beginning of 2015 (right?). In order to cover what I owe for 2015, I pay: $25 on 4/15/15 $25 on 6/15/15 $25 on 9/15/15 $25 on 1/15/16 Before 4/15/16, I file my annual return, and I indicate on there somewhere that I paid $100 in estimated taxes for 2015. At this time, I claim any deductions I want t
  5. Hmm ... not sure why my links are like that. Here they are again: http://www.irs.gov/Businesses/Small-Businesses-&-Self-Employed/Estimated-Taxes http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f1040es.pdf http://www.irs.gov/publications/p505/index.html
  6. Hi all, I posted this as a reply in another thread, but I thought better of it as that thread hasn't been active for years, and this is an IMPORTANT, confusing topic that I'm sure a LOT of grad students need help with. Accountants are expensive to use ONCE a year, let alone 4 times a year, and schools refuse to give tax advice. Let's see if we can't help each other out. If you're under a fellowship from which NO TAXES ARE WITHHELD, chances are that it is in your best interest to file and pay QUARTERLY ESTIMATED TAXES. It's confusing and looks like a huge hassle. I've seen some peop
  7. Can you use Turbo Tax to figure your estimated taxes and quarterly payments? Has anyone successfully done this using Turbo Tax? Would you recommend it? I'm planning to make quarterly payments just to be safe, but I'm confused about how it works when you're just starting school. The following publications make it sound like you figure/estimate your total taxes for the current year AT THE BEGINNING OF THE CURRENT YEAR, then pay them at 4 times during the year (April, June, September, January)... But what if you don't start school and receive your fellowship/stipend until September? Will
  8. I think anyone considering paying for any part of an MA or MS should give very serious consideration to the lifelong implications of taking out student loans. It is not something to take lightly. Don't buy into the myth that more academic credentials are necessary to advance. Sure, they *could* help you, and sure, the program itself will be an amazing experience, but there are probably many better choices. Be careful.
  9. Do NOT pay for an MA... unless your family is filthy rich. So, I guess I should say, "Do NOT go into debt for an MA."
  10. Has anyone heard from UPenn, Virginia, or Boston? I'm seeing nothing at all in the results search. It's so late ... makes me wonder what could be going on! Funding issues?
  11. I sent an email to the... I think she's called a "Graduate Secretary", or maybe "Graduate Assistant"? She ended up forwarding my email to someone on the admissions committee.
  12. To anyone whose posted something about UCLA: I'm seeing people on the results board saying they got an email to check the website. I haven't gotten anything from UCLA yet. I tried checking the online application, but I can't find anything anywhere that reveals your admissions status. What website are you guys talking about?
  13. Glad to hear this! UCLA is one of my top 3. Mayyyyyyyyybe, just mayyyyyyyybe, I have not yet been rejected? On the bright side, if I have been rejected, making a decision as to where to go will be so much easier.
  14. I got into Michigan too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. My proposed project looks at social development projects that attempt to alter communicative norms. I would be straddling the language and thought & psych anth tracks. CHD has several people who would be great mentors: Cole, Kulick, Lucy, Shweder.. Raikhel could also be really helpful depending on how the project actually plays out. What about you?
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