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  1. Hey, was going through your post, I am actually at same place as you were a year back. I wonder how things have panned out for you and what is your experience till date.

  2. Hi everyone! I'm a little late coming to the cycle for this year, but better late than never. My problem is that I just don't know where to start. I'm going to graduate with a Master's in Political Science (UN and Global Policy Studies at Rutgers University) in May and I want to pursue a PhD but I'm just not sure what department might be a good fit. I'm looking at International schools as well as US based schools. I do have a few professors who have said they'd write me letters of recommendation. My biggest issue is I can't figure out how to put all my interests together in a cohesive way. My research interests run along the lines of cultural attitudes, mental health issues, democracy, globalization, gender inequality, sustainable development, identity, and democracy. I'm currently interested in how social/racial/gender/economic inequalities affect democratic participation. Also I have no idea how to start reaching out to people in departments that might be interested in working with me. Advice?
  3. Rutgers University has a pretty strong feminist/women studies department and it definitely shows across the disciplines.
  4. Thanks so much for the advice! I am looking in to my Plan B right now and finding a job. I don't really want to do an MA, because my end goal has always been a PhD, but I don't really want to let my academics stagnate either. I'll look in to presenting a paper, perhaps my honors thesis work. I am interested in populations outside the US, and I may just finish up my BA if I get a job nearby and can afford it.
  5. So I got completely rejected from 8/8 of the PhD programs I applied to this time around. Ouch. But interestingly enough Rutgers is opening their Masters program for two anthropology track for the first time in forever. No funding though, and the deadline is in about a week. They DID reject me for the PhD but I'm wondering if I should bother to apply to the masters? It's also my undergrad school so maybe it's a bit of a stretch that they'll take me? My undergrad major is Women and Gender Studies my minor is Cultural Anthropology...I'm actually only three or four classes away from making it a BA. I'm just trying to figure out my options until I can apply again next year. Any advice?
  6. It's official. I didn't get in to any programs this year. Well, I WILL be trying again in the fall. Good wished for everyone else.

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    2. Eflin


      Thanks iphi and FantasticDevPsych! I'm not giving up hope exactly, just disappointed. I'm still an undergrad so I just have to figure out something else to do in the mean time. I applied 8 places and got rejected from all of them, but they were all very good schools.

    3. FantasticalDevPsych


      No problem! Same boat as you. Disappointed but don't want to give up yet. I'm also an undergrad so I have to find something else to do as well.

    4. Eflin


      I think a lot of people get rejected their first and even second application cycles...depending on their area of interest. I'm glad I have several backup plans! Good luck to you too. Hopefully we'll make it next time around :)

  7. Well one more school to hear from, but based on the results posted so far...I'm not getting in anywhere this year. Time to figure out a Plan B.

  8. Eflin

    It Happened

    Congrats! Just came across this. It's really encouraging I totally check my email like every five minutes! Haven't got in anywhere yet, but I'm hoping if not this year then next!
  9. Does anyone know anything about Cultural Anthroplogy Yale right now or know anything about their process? I'm super bummed because I got rejected 6/8 places and I'm pretty sure Stanford is a no as well. But my POI from Yale said they were interested in my app, I replied but they never got back to me. I really have no idea what to do next.
  10. Just found this thread! Did anyone else apply to cultural anthro at Berkeley? I applied to 8 schools and got 3 rejections so far. I'm terrified of not getting in anywhere...
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