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  1. vaibhavpandey

    Practice GRE scores vs. real GRE scores

    Powerprep 1: Q 166 V 151 Powerprep 2: Q164 V155 Kaplan: Q 162 V 154 Actual test: Q 161 V 157 Happy with my performance in verbal and made significant stride, although personally 160 was my threshold in verbal. However, not delighted with Quant I expected to reach 165+, don't know what went wrong but anyway, I hope social science programs can take me in with this score. Also I found Quant section in real test really tough to manage, especially 2nd section. Something to do with MST, maybe. Because, in all the practice test I scored perfect 20 in Quant section 1, I guess it was not the case with real thing. 😥
  2. vaibhavpandey

    Evaluation studies PhD programs

    Hi fellow aspirants, I tried to find a thread or directory pertaining to universities offering evaluation studies program and couldn't find one. I am in early stage of application this year yet I wonder which are better universities in this area. I have found few and it seemed most of the universities focus either on education or Psych evaluation. What I am more interested in is, generic evaluation studies program which is focused more towards training in quantitative and qualitative research methods and universal applicability of such methods (such as in program evaluation, social impact evaluation etc). All the best!!
  3. vaibhavpandey

    Funding Packages

    Thanks a lot
  4. vaibhavpandey

    Application Advice

    OMG!! Last year I followed the same spreadsheet system and I even added names of letter writers in different columns to track the progress and which writer require little push. It was really beneficial though and most importantly I would be doing it again this application season, Sigh!!
  5. vaibhavpandey

    Employment vs. grad school

    very well put Green Machine, in fact if your employer is good, I am sure they will understand your perspective of pursuing your dream. I am currently working and my employer knows that I can leave, yet they are holding onto me and are prepared in case I leave in fall. Being honest will help you and them as well. In case you are late in breaking the news to them, it would hit them hard by delay in finding suitable replacements. So go ahead pursue your dream and be honest with the employer.
  6. vaibhavpandey

    Chicago Harris MPP v. Willy Brandt MPP (DAAD Funded)

    So, what have you decided? I have also got an offer from WBS, it seems a good program with good balance of practice and research. Although I have not got any financial assistance, yet In my view this is a really affordable program.
  7. vaibhavpandey

    PhD Public Policy Programs 2018

    Hi All, I am an international applicant, can anyone share the deadlines of prominent universities w.r.t international candidates. I see that 1st December is preferred for most but are there universities who accept applications by 1st Jan. Vaibhav
  8. This is the exact conundrum I am facing, having a masters in development management and nonrpofit management work experience(field experience) of three years, due to the nature of job I could get into the research although, most of my work was qualitative research but as I said, which program to approach is proving little difficult. Human Ecology, Nonprofit management, Community based research all are interesting under social work but the fact is having near to zero research experience causing me choose social work PhD instead programs say PhD in management or anthropology which need rigorous research experience.
  9. Hey, I am glad that somebody is here to answer the questions about CUNY Hunter. I am an international applicant and want to know, on an average how many PhD students are admitted each year in Social welfare? Thank you
  10. vaibhavpandey

    Fall 2018 MSW Application Preparation

    I hope you will be able to give insider info once you join, certificate program looks really good but What i understood is that it is open to students enrolled in the university plus the cost is a bit on the higher side for people working in social roles(developing countries) like me where salary in USD terms is way too low.
  11. vaibhavpandey

    Fall 2018 MSW Application Preparation

    Hi, Since you will be attending University of Michigan, from your research/ resources can you tell how good is a joint PhD in social work + another subject (Anthro/sociology/etc). I am a leading a tribal women collective and have 3 years of progressive experience which cuts across multiple thematic areas concerning rural development, I also have 2.5 year's MIS experience so able to very well cover the technological aspect too. I am preparing my application to apply this fall. Just wondering how to approach, Joint Social work PhD is good option as it is related but PhD in sociology/Gender studies/ Social Psychology also interest me. Please share your compilation of top 10 schools in which you will apply.
  12. vaibhavpandey

    Teachers College Social-Organizational PhD Program

    Hi, I have same questions but in addition to above, I also want to ask about the funding provided to the PhD students at TC. From their website it was almost clear that they partially waive off the tution fee.
  13. vaibhavpandey

    Guidance on targeting schools and profile

    Sociology interests me but I would like to get involved in diverse research which has Org behavior, gender studies as well as management as key components. Thanks for Advise nevermind, Prof. Shelly's areas of interest are very appealing. Will explore more about her. Thank you so much.
  14. vaibhavpandey

    Guidance on targeting schools and profile

    I think you are spot on here, as far as deciding my interests goes, they are very much done and I have prepared potential areas (with potential research questions) which interests me. I am yet to find potential supervisors, I am reading some papers of related subjects then from thereon I am trying to find out best professors in the area eventually leading to the universities of their education and current work (Suggested by some fellow grad in the cafe forum). Thanks for advise, it helped because handling both in one admission cycle could be very hectic and stressing. As far as I can understand from preparing the things to do is:- 1. Find out research interests/Areas, clear understanding and coherent SoP. 2. Explore potential supervisors and shortlisting of Schools. 3. Prepare for GRE/TOEFL alongside. After that rest depends on GRE Score.
  15. vaibhavpandey

    Cheer up myself and others!!!!

    So many positive things has been said and I would add one quote which always pumped me up to achieve and do things I could never have imagined and it is "You should never, ever, let anyone tell you you're not good enough. Not even yourself!!". Relax, reflect and as stated above pursue your most loved hobby. It would be great help in coming to terms with reality and it is that, you have immense potential and talent which unfortunately some people missed. Don't back down, I am sure you will stand up bigger and better to conquer everything your had set for yourself .

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