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  1. Has anyone heard anything
  2. I don't know if I should check here obsessively or my inbox. lol
  3. Midnight? Did that happen in the past. I suspect throughout the day
  4. Thanks . I applied to one public health PhD program. It really was a long shot and I don’t even have a masters in public health. The other was a public policy program but not in NY. Not toooo upset because I want to stay local. Soooo Wagner and New School are really where my heart is at.
  5. Ughhhh! I wish they would just let us know today. I need good news. Two rejections and I’m Just feeling depleted.
  6. I have two more school including NYU left. I need some good news. Sorry wrong school. Out at the Public Health. Still waiting for Wagner
  7. ok, so is NYU sending out rejections one by one.... ugh this is nuts... I'm going to go nuts tomorrow checking my email.
  8. I think for most programs next week/next month is the deciding month. I reached out to all my schools at it's between March 2- Mid March.
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