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  1. GradNYC

    New School Milano- PhD

    Has anyone heard anything
  2. GradNYC

    NYU Wagner 2018

    I don't know if I should check here obsessively or my inbox. lol
  3. GradNYC

    NYU Wagner 2018

    today is the day, folks.
  4. GradNYC

    NYU Wagner 2018

    Midnight? Did that happen in the past. I suspect throughout the day
  5. GradNYC

    NYU Wagner 2018

    Thanks . I applied to one public health PhD program. It really was a long shot and I don’t even have a masters in public health. The other was a public policy program but not in NY. Not toooo upset because I want to stay local. Soooo Wagner and New School are really where my heart is at.
  6. GradNYC

    NYU Wagner 2018

    Ughhhh! I wish they would just let us know today. I need good news. Two rejections and I’m Just feeling depleted.
  7. GradNYC

    NYU Wagner 2018

    I have two more school including NYU left. I need some good news. Sorry wrong school. Out at the Public Health. Still waiting for Wagner
  8. GradNYC

    PhD Public Policy Programs 2018

    Waiting for Wagner... March 2
  9. GradNYC

    NYU Wagner 2018

  10. GradNYC

    PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    ok, so is NYU sending out rejections one by one.... ugh this is nuts... I'm going to go nuts tomorrow checking my email.
  11. GradNYC

    PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    I think for most programs next week/next month is the deciding month. I reached out to all my schools at it's between March 2- Mid March.

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