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  1. NYU Wagner 2018

    Did anyone apply to the Ph.D. program? If so, any word about the application? Do they interview folks?
  2. PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    Ah ok. I just the check past results page, and it looks like they reached out between Jan 20-24. So it can be anytime in the next few weeks!
  3. PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    Anyone know, when NYU Ph.D. program reach out to applicants for an interview? Thanks
  4. PhD Public Policy Programs 2018

    Applications submitted, just have to finish Harris personal statement.
  5. Any Older (30+) applicants out there

    Well I'm heading into march and rejections from two schools. Still waiting for one more school (my first choice). #waitingforamiracle
  6. Welcome to the 2016-17 cycle!

    Same here! i need to put myself out of this misery of the unknown.
  7. Welcome to the 2016-17 cycle!

    Thanks @Mnemonist Kenny and @Anechka
  8. Welcome to the 2016-17 cycle!

    For the NYU admits and rejects did your status change from "under department review" to whatever?
  9. Welcome to the 2016-17 cycle!

    Yeah same here.. what field?
  10. Welcome to the 2016-17 cycle!

    Anyone here waiting for NYU and didn't ask to be consider for the MA?
  11. Welcome to the 2016-17 cycle!

    So is NYU done? I i already have a MA and haven't received a rejection or acceptance yet...
  12. Welcome to the 2016-17 cycle!

    Whats the deal with Columbia? they sent out rejections to some but not others.. ahhhh