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    Santa Cruz, CA

    Hey! Anyone here planning to move to Santa Cruz this fall? Would be great to talk! Besides that, I was wondering if anyone tried to live in towns near SC for cheaper living? I'm trying to evaluate different options considering the housing crisis SC is going through.
  2. Hey! Did anyone hear anything from UC Santa Cruz or UMich? Good luck to us all!
  3. Thank you for the info, it's really helpful (psychologically at least). Good luck!!
  4. Congratulations! Seems like you're in a very good spot! May I ask if you're a domestic/international student? and also if the faculty implied that all of those that are admitted are interviewed?
  5. Hey, It seems the Anthropology forum is non existent this year. Anyone want to share his/hers thoughts about the upcoming cycle? How does COVID impact your decision to where you're applying? I'm applying for several departments: Chicago, Michigan, Yale, Brandeis and UC Santa Cruz. My work is on socio-environmental themes in the middle east. Lets help each other, or at least support during this arduous journey. Best of luck to us all!
  6. Thanks for the replay! Lets hope they will contact soon, formally or informally. Good luck!
  7. Have anyone heard anything from Yale or Harvard? I saw some posts about Yale in the results page, did any of the two commentators get an interview? All the best of luck to us all!
  8. I received an interview invitation for the socio-cultural track at Jan 25th. They told me that all interviews for the track should be concluded until Feb 7th. It seems like that was case for at least three more people, judging by the results page.
  9. Thanks. I can see it now on the results page. I feel your growing anxiety! Let's hope they will send it in the next few days...! The question is, should we be worried if we haven't got an interview invitation? Is it possible that one is considered 'exceptional' and therefore will not be interviewed before admission?
  10. Hey everyone, Did anyone hear any news from Yale Anthropology? I have read throughout the past forums that the department make an interview round. Does that mean that if I did not get an invitation I was rejected, or interviews are made only for 'pending' applicants? Thanks! and good luck to us all
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