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  1. MaterialistRomantic

    Waitlist and Help Me Decide Thread 2019

    Panicking at the moment since the deadline to accept is fast approaching and I have not decided. I got into MAPSS at Chicago, QMSS at Columbia, and VIllanova's MS program. I'm working on getting additional funding from Villy and Chicago through conversions with the Dean. But, does anyone want to give their two cents about the programs. One Caveat, the QMSS program is very data science driven, but that is an aspect of social science research I want to apply to my own.
  2. Hey guys, I'm having a very hard time deciding what program to attend. The difficulty is only exasperated by not knowing if I will have funding. I'm interviewing for a position that would provide funding and a stipend at Program A, Program B has offered a decent scholarship and I'm talking to the dean to get additional funds, and Program C doesn't offer funding opportunities until after you accept! I'm also a psych major who wants to transfer to one of the limited number of schools who do the research I want to do! At the moment, I'm leaning closer to Program B, despite the immense cost, because it offers research assistants, a thesis with a conference to present at, and a scholarship already. Which, would look very good on a CV. If I receive outside funding (NSF GRFP) I would prefer Program C. Since Program C offers courses in advanced statistics, and I can take classes in FMRI imaging and programming, which the other colleges do not offer. Program A is a two year degree, so more experience with research. But, the research they do there isn't too popular in the academic community, so less prestige. It is still half the price and most likely funded. Anyone have advice?
  3. MaterialistRomantic

    Anyone willing to take a look at my SOP

    Just got off the phone with my old PI and she didn’t have kind words to say about my SOP. I based it off of a PhD friend of mines SOP, so I thought I had a solid foundation to build off of, but she suggested I completely rewrite it. I wanted some more opinions on it before I submit it to back up masters programs. If anyone has the time or interest, Please dm me! I’m happy to swap SOP’s as well and provide critiques. i will also write you a poem if that incentivizes this further lol

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