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  1. I have heard rejection from Cornell so those who haven't maybe have made through the first round of cut. About WUSTL, my friend got their interview invitation in mid Feb.
  2. For those who have went through phone interviews and on-campus interviews, could you share your experience a little bit? Any hard-to-answer questions?
  3. Anyone heard from boston college about interview yet? And how many ppl do they interview usually?
  4. Can anyone who have done phone/on-campus interviews share some experience? Any tips for on-campus interviews? I saw from one interview invitation that there'll be a serminar (besides introduction session and individual interview), anyone know what this could mean? All applicants sit together with profs and have a group interview sort of thing? Thanks for any advice!
  5. It's good to hear that they are not allowed to ask these specific questions! Hope more schools do this. I heard from a few friends they were asked, either directly or indirectly, about the possibility of them taking the offer. I think if they ask "is *** your top choice"? I'll say "I really like this place for blah blah blah reasons and can see myself being very happy and productive here." Hope they don't think I'm evading the question~
  6. So I'm about to have a few interviews, and preparing possible questions. One question that I'll be scared to be asked is "is *** your topic choice?" The truth is, I have a few comparable interviews, no one is a sure offer yet, I'm also not sure where I'll end up going as I plan to find out more about the school during the interviews. On the other hand, I don't want to sound hesitant and minimize my chances of getting an offer. How do you approach this issue, if you have the same situation? How to convey enthusiasm while at same don't want to piss them off if in the end you don't want to
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