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  1. Hey Minnesotan! Which boat shipping company/service did you use?? Did you have to bring your crates of stuff to the port, or did they pick it up right from your house? Thanks!
  2. Hi ejv, No, I applied for the research MSc. There were only a few funding opportunities for non-doctoral students, though doing the research programme as opposed to the taught programme helped. The note I got with my admissions packet indicated that we should hear details of scholarships and studentships around the end of March-beginning of April. I'll let you know if I hear anything. Maybe after that time they will know how much they are giving and could offer you some? You could try looking for governmental or charitable scholarships, like through your local Rotary club, or apply in your second year for Marshalls etc. Would you still go if you weren't offered any funding?
  3. Diotima

    Edinburgh, UK

    Thoughts on the city? What residential areas are too far to walk/bike from George Square? I read that it can be a bit difficult to rent a private flat coming from North America because one doesn't have British credit...anyone have experience with this? Also, I'm married and would likely be there for 4-5 years, so, what have others done in terms of bringing possessions or furniture overseas?
  4. Harvard for sure--you'll have Harvey Mansfield!
  5. 21. You end up reading the threads for all the other disciplines...just in case someone mentions by-the-bye that they were also accepted to your discipline.
  6. Hi Glaukopis, You seem fairly qualified to me. I think a Classics & Philosophy double major is a definite plus for you if you want to do ancient...there's nothing better you could have done! In terms of improvement I think it really just depends on what you want to study. Obv, if you want to focus on mediaeval philosophy you would need more Latin. What area interests you? In terms of your philosophy background, well, one of my professors used to say, "Post-Kantian philosophy? Its bullshit coefficient is far too high", and I pretty much agree, although I must put in a good word for Nietzsche. I imagine you focused your philosophy courses on ancient and mediaeval philosophy, and maybe some topical courses? As long as you've solid preparation in the areas you would propose to study in graduate school, I don't think they'd care if you hadn't much modern and post-modern philosophy, at least in continental programs, if it didn't relate to your topic at all. My details: - Hons. BA: Political Theory and Philosophy, 3.98 GPA - Languages: German (fluent), Greek (advanced), Latin (advanced), French (intermediate) - GRE: 760v, 700q, 5.5w - A few undergraduate awards in political science; summa cm laude; some teaching experience; TA for 2 classes; philosophy research assistant - Studied Ancient Philosophy at Oxford for my third year - 4-month internship in the Prime Minister
  7. Stanford is about an hour from downtown SF. Depending on how often you have classes/seminars etc, you *could* live in the city and commute to Palo Alto, but it really wouldn't be convienent (times and traffic would be one thing, and if you forgot a book at the library, you wouldn't want to go back for it). I'd do it the other way round. I don't think BART stops in Palo Alto, but there is Caltrain. You definitely want a car. The traffic down Camino Real can be digusting at commute times, but you can't get to anywhere exciting without one. Palo Alto itself is a bit of an odd mix--there are some really nice homes in the hills, but then some of the main areas of the town are rather ghettoish. Some cute restaurants though. Good luck and be sure to let us know when you hear!
  8. Well that is good to hear. My years of peripatetically chanting declensions and conjugations might just pay off. : ) I've applied to a couple of those schools, so we shall see.
  9. After reading a few of the forum topics on here, and checking out the livejournal comments from 2007, I've noticed what seems to be a scarcity of ancient philosophy students... Anyone applying to study ancient philosophy for 2008?
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