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  1. This thread is exactly what I needed to find! Just had a discussion with my grad advisor about defining my field of specialization in relation to the dissertation topic I want to pursue. I was wanting to find a way to incorporate composition theory and pedagogy with Mexican folklore. He suggested using rhet/comp as the umbrella to cover it all, but I still wasn't entirely clear about how. You folks nailed it in these posts! Thanks for the great suggestions and good luck to all with your studies!
  2. Thanks for the encouragement! This is all so new - I'm still a little nervous (okay...a lot nervous), but these forums and the folks I've met here have gone such a long way toward laying my fears to rest. Hope all goes well for you, too!
  3. I've been accepted to an MA program that automatically grants all acceptees a grad assistantship. Yay, right? Here's the thing - I also would really like to work as a tutor in this university's writing center while in grad school, but the English assistantship only allows for GAs as graders or research assistants - not tutors. I'm friends with the director of the writing program, and she was very enthusistic about me joining their team - went so far as to say I'd be given a leadership role in the center from the get-go (she's familiar with my previous experience as a tutor and attended m
  4. Just finishing my undergrad at 35 years old. I was looking forward to not feeling quite so out of place in grad school, but this forum makes me feel just as old sitting in class does (which is kind of sad because I *know* 35 isn't old, but tell that to my vanity when it sits beside the 17 year old in my Spanish class).
  5. I'm not sure how to respond to an invitation to the MA program from the institution that also waitlisted me for their PhD. I want to convey my acceptance of the MA position while also saying the I would still prefer a PhD spot if one opens up. The letter from the DGS had a hand-written note acknowledging that I am still on the PhD waitlist even though I got in at the MA level, so I know they're aware of the situation. Do I even need to say it in my acceptance email? I was thinking something along the lines of "While I am thrilled to be accepted into the MA program, I still hope a space
  6. Out of curiosity, how many folks that are waitlisted applied as direct admits straight from undergrad? I only applied to one Ph.D. program and one M.A. program due to my inability to move away from the county I currently live in (husband's work, owning our home, and residency restrictions on child custody put the kibosh on moving for grad school). Luckily, I made it onto the waitlist for the Ph.D., and accepted to one of the M.A.s with a grad assistantship. I'm just curious what it means if the school says there are "very few students" on the list. My very few means 3-4; does the DGS mean
  7. I'd follow up with an email or phone call to the graduate studies office for the program you're applying to. Letters sometimes get lost, notices can be overlooked. Just a cool, calm "Hello, I applied to your program and have heard that notifications have been sent to other applicants. I had not received a letter, nor has my status through the applicant system changed. Should I be concerned? Thank you"
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