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  1. Any opinions on distance learning options for the MLIS? If money was no object I would be on board with my acceptance to Univ. of Maryland but without any funding, I am scared to take out loans for $50K. With a distance learning program I could keep my full time job and pay as I go even though it won't be the grad school experience I originally had in mind. Unfortunately got rejected from UCLA so I am reconsidering San Jose State University to keeps costs down. The deadline for Drexel University's distance program is also rolling so I am thinking of applying there as well. Is anyone else out there considering a distance program? Thoughts on whether it would it be better to hedge my bets and reapply to UCLA next year after beefing up my library experience and GRE score or am I just wasting my time?
  2. I received a letter via regular mail despite what the grad admissions office told me. My status online has still not been updated. My letter was dated 3/25 so if you didn't get one from that day hopefully you have a better fate and are waiting for the email acceptance
  3. Not to scare anyone but I just received a rejection letter on Saturday. It is disappointing since I have worked in both the publishing industry and higher education and really want to be a librarian. At the end of the day I am glad the waiting is over and I have at least one other option. Best of luck to everyone else!
  4. So I couldn't take it anymore and anonymously called the graduate admissions office yesterday for an update. They let me know that all decision notices (admissions/ rejections) are sent out via email. They also let me know that it can take 7-10 business days for their office to process the email once the department sends them a decision. Favorite part of the convo...they are understaffed but their "goal" is to have all decisions sent out by April 15th. Too bad that's when other schools want a final answer. I know it's not the departments fault but If I didn't want to go to UCLA so badly I would be completely put off by their admissions process.
  5. I got in to my second choice school (University of Maryland) but have not heard from my top choice yet (UCLA). I got an email the other day telling me registration for Maryland starts on 3/31 for the fall semester so I am confused. Should I go ahead and register for classes if I have not heard from the other school? Can I then drop the courses if I get into my top choice? I know it's not the best idea but I don't want to wait only to find out I got rejected by UCLA and cannot get into the classes I need at Maryland. Any opinions on whether registering before giving a final decision is a bad idea/ possible? Anyone else in the same boat?
  6. If you are worried about them not having everything to evaluate your app then I say absolutely contact them. I got the please do not contact us letter when I turned in one app only to find out over a month later that they never received my GRE scores from ETS. If you know they have everything and are just waiting on a decision I would give it a few more days. As long as you are nice when you call and are just looking for information they can't fault you for wanting to know when to expect a decision. I wouldn't call the department head or anything but it can't hurt to talk to someone in admissions.
  7. I applied for the MLIS program at UCLA and have still not heard anything. I did have a problem with them receiving my GRE scores but after a lot of troubleshooting on my part they finally confirmed that my application packet was complete. After my initial problems I decided to email the department last week and they told me they are still reviewing applicaions and hope to have decisions sent out within 2 weeks. After everything I've read in this forum I realize my chances are bleak but I want to hold out hope. I really want to go to UCLA for financial reasons since I am a California resident but am beyond frustrated that they have not sent out a decision. Has anyone else had a similiar or even opposite experience with UCLA? Based on my undergrad record and work experience I thought I had a good shot at getting in. Now I'm starting to panic about out of state tuition costs :-/
  8. Is anyone else still waiting to hear from UCLA? I was accepted to University of Marlyand but UCLA is my first choice for financial reasons. I turned in my application back in December and have been in contact with them a few times to make sure they have everything. Last I heard (about 2 weeks ago) they were still reviewing applications. I am checking my email like a crazy person and really need to know one way or the other since registration for Maryland starts in 2 weeks. Not sure what good it will do but it would be nice to know if anyone is in the same boat? I am trying to hold out hope that they are just really disorganized. I have a strong undergrad record but am starting to think a rejection is on the horizon :-/
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