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  1. I'm headed to IU-Bloomington this fall as well for Library and Information Science!
  2. I'm planning on becoming an academic librarian, and I might return and get my PhD in LS later as well. The bit sweeter part (while waffles and footballers would be awesome!) is health insurance and $4500 stipend, plus a fellowship that matches that stipend (everything else about the 2 offers is almost equal--jobs+tuition). **edited to remove the TMI**
  3. just a couple quick questions, Does the prestige (for lack of a better term) of your masters program matter much when applying to PhD LIS programs? Also, what sort of things should I be doing during my MLIS to prepare my CV and experiences for a doctorate program? (other than working in a related job)
  4. LMAO! After emailing U of Kentucky, they've now offered a funding package too. One that is a bit sweeter than IU. I know IU has a great reputation, but it is hard not to follow the money. This decision is impossible! I'll have to ask IU for an extension and make some serious pro/con lists, do some soul searching, and stress about how this decision will change the rest of my life! (oh gawd, how dramatic!) :oops:
  5. tkm256, IU is the only school I've heard from about funding, but they want me to decide by Friday, the 17th... None of my other schools have said a peep about funding, and now I'm nervous. IU's package is good, but it is crazy to make a decision when I have no clue what's up with these other schools!! I might ask IU for an extension. I've sent out emails to other schools (one of which was weirdly undeliverable), but no word yet. UGH! *frets*
  6. Thank you! That's my plan! Hopefully will get some more info soon. QUICK QUESTION: Should I mention the school's name that offered me a package? Or keep it vague? Thanks
  7. School A offered a decent fin aid package to me and wants me to decide by April 17th if I will accept or decline it. The problem: I haven't heard ANY funding info from Schools B,C, or D. How can I make this decision when I'm missing this info? Should I contact these other schools and ask them if offers are coming? Who would I contact? What would I even say? Should I just ask School A for an extension on the decision? I don't want to regret this decision. Has anyone been in a similar position? Thanks for any advice!
  8. Bluegirl, So you know for sure that you won't be receiving any aid from the school? If so, I think I'd call the Fin. Aid office and ask about loans. Have you tried looking for outside scholarships? I will probably be in this situation soon as well. Good luck!
  9. Ohhh! This makes total sense. I just assumed (which is never good) that it would be like undergrad registration. Thanks for clarifying it!
  10. I'm in the same situation really. I'm still waiting on funding offers (which will be decided later than April 15th), but registration for classes at a couple of the schools is beginning now. I don't want to register if I'm not sure I if I'll be going there, but I don't want to be SOL regarding classes if I do choose to go there!! UGH! I guess I'll go with rising_star's advice, but this is just more unnecessary stress! **wrings hands**
  11. Whoa! That's insane! I provided all my recommenders with stamped envelopes, but I don't remember if I used my address as the return address. What a leap for them to make though. Jeez! same here... I had a GA interview the other day, but it does not look promising. Should we go ahead and pay for the MLIS/MLS/etc. by ourselves/through loans? I don't know if taking a year off and applying again next year would do any good for me. But the thought of my final loan total is daunting. this sucks.
  12. Ugh. I finished the interview a couple of hours ago, and I will be really surprised if I get it. I don't have any real experience in this field, and I think she was sort of disappointed in my answers to general questions. I asked her questions, and it seems like the job would have been a great learning experience...oh well. I hope I let her know how eager I am to learn, but we'll see. blah!
  13. Whoa! that's pretty simple! I've been jotting down some notes about my strengths, weaknesses, and experiences. I need to relax and make sure to answer her questions clearly and thoroughly. I wish I could go into this feeling confident and not super nervous, but this is a position that would change how my grad school life will play out. It seems like so much is riding on this phone call--financially mostly. wickedcurves, Good luck on your interview as well! I'll post here about how it went soon after it is over. (it will be nice to vent to others in similar situations!!)
  14. I have a phone interview for a Graduate Assistantship position coming up (a library position). I'm really nervous about this phone call! I really really want this! Does anyone know what sort of questions they might ask? Just in general. She stated that it will be an "informal interview," but IDK. I want to rock this! I'm trying to compile a list of possible things she could ask. So any ideas will be helpful. Also, I don't have any library experience. How can I spin this to seem not so negative? Thanks for any and all help! :?
  15. I agree, there is no need to worry about legal trouble. All of my admittance letters have stated the same thing. (like they assumed I would be a part of their program with no mention of me accepting them)
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