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  1. TrainedEye

    Austin, TX

    Heat is definitely an issue, but I don't think it's quite as bad as some of these folks are making it out to be. Keep in mind that in Texas EVERYTHING is air conditioned. It's true that walking around outdoors in the dead of summer can be downright brutal, but you'll be nice and cool anytime you're inside because the AC is always running anywhere you go. The key thing that non-Texans have to learn is that when it's extra-hot, you just don't spend time outdoors. It simply isn't safe to do so. Kind of like the opposite of living in say North Dakota where you dig in for winter. All that sai
  2. My advice is to bring a car if there's any way for you to do so! If you don't own one or just can't, sure, you can make it work as a pedestrian in Dallas. But it ain't easy. The Highland Park/University Park area near SMU is quite walkable (though brutally expensive as far as I know), but you'd really be hemming yourself in by counting on that area to meet all your needs. Plus there are downright sketchy neighborhoods bordering the nice areas near SMU. As for transit, the DART rail is a pretty nifty option, but its service area is extremely limited. And the bus system is lousy. It's
  3. TrainedEye

    Austin, TX

    I wouldn't put much stock in anything Gyro says. Though the gushing about Austin is partially deserved (I did my undergrad there and lived there for about four years after I'd finished; I loved it the whole time), the suggestion that Austin is an "oasis...of decent human behavior" is probably the silliest thing anyone's ever written on this forum. How exactly is Austin more "diverse" than, say, Houston or Dallas? And in what way does Austin exhibit more "decent human behavior" than San Antonio or Lubbock? I've spent a considerable amount of time in many of the major cities in Texas and don
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