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  1. Hello Darse1112 and Nay84, I applied to USC's MPH program and am still waiting for a response. If may inquire, I was just wanting to compare two specific data points of your profile to mine: 1. GRE scores (verbal/quantitative/verbal), and 2. Cum. GPA. I am cognizant of the fact that the manner in which your profile, with regards to these two areas, may stoop or fall below my profile still cannot serve as an accurate reflection of my acceptance chances. Having said that, waiting for a decision has been most unpleasant and am thus looking for a non-alcohol related alternative to 'take off the edge'. Thank you for your time.
  2. If anyone knows, I'm trying to go from 'percent correct' to 'percentile'. I've signed up for Kaplan's GRE On-Demand program and in the program there's a Quiz Bank that allows its users to create their own quizzes, say of a section (quant. or verbal) that they'd like to be tested on. The problem with this option is once you've completed the section and get your SmartReport it will tell you the percent you answered correctly but not how this score would be scored out of 170 points. I realize that the scoring methodology for the new GRE is adaptive but if someone has an idea how to go from 'percent correct' to 'percentile' I can even provide the level of difficulty for each question in the quiz I took. Thank so much.
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