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  1. Title pretty much says it all. NRC ranks Columbia higher than Yale. I think I like the program at Yale more, although I'm not really sure.
  2. The Yale site looks to be the same as Harvard's for me. No emails, no status change, no mystery rows. If you haven't seen anything yet from Harvard (or Yale for that matter) I wouldn't say it is necessarily a bad thing at this point. My friend gave me some good advice the other day, "Don't really freak out until the first week in March." If you look at the acceptance patterns (at least for Harvard) from last year, his advice seems to be more or less on target.
  3. Thanks StatsfromMath! @evan1990, mine doesn't either.
  4. Any thoughts on the Masters vs. PHD decisions? I'm only seeing PHD applicants posting results at this point.
  5. I saw on the results forum a few notifications via the postal service and a few via the "website." Any idea how admission decisions are sent? Mail? Is the status updated on the apply-yourself site (it is the only website I know of for the application)? Can't seem to find any info on the admission department's site...
  6. Thanks for the input. Sort of what I expected to hear, I'm planning to retake it in October. @Hanyuye, I hope the test went well for you! I'd be curious to get any other opinions on my profile. Most of my grades for relevant coursework are above. I left out 2 A's in advanced economics seminars that had strong research components to them as well as an A on my senior thesis (again empirically focused). I expect to have three great LORs from my undergrad profs. As far as the math goes, I didn't realize until a little too late in undergrad that I wanted to pursue statistics through grad scho
  7. I just took the GRE and scored a 155Q/161V. I'm concerned that the quant score will ruin my chances for admission to masters programs. Should I retake the test given the rest of my profile? GPA: 3.67 from top-20 liberal arts college Relevant coursework: Intro Stats/Probability: A Econometrics 1:A Econometrics 2: A Calc 1: A Calc 2: A- Calc 3: B- Linear Algebra: B+ I also have strong relevant work experience doing data mining and predictive analytics. I'm planning to apply to BU, Columbia, CUNY Baruch, Harvard, MIT (ORC), and Johns Hopkins. Am I aiming too high? Any recommendatio
  8. I'm planning to apply to Masters programs in Statistics next fall and was hoping to gauge my chances at the top schools. I graduated from a top-25 liberal arts college with a 3.67 GPA and majored in Economics. Relevant economics classes include Statistics, Econometrics, and Advanced Econometrics, as well as two upper-level seminars which necessitated the application of advanced regression techniques and a semester long empirically-focused thesis. Because I did not take many upper-level math classes during college, I have taken or plan to take the following courses at a local university: Cal
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