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  1. Dressing the Part . . . for Girls!

    For girls with orthodics it just depends on the thickness of your orthodics. Mine are medium thickness and I love me too shoes. http://www.zappos.com/me-too-womens-shoes~yThe best part is they have memory foam inserts which keeps my feet comfy all day long. Though the inserts can be removed if you need more room for orthodics.
  2. If this is a 'real job' as you put it, then it probably requires training and the company is investing a lot of money into selection and recruiting for the position. If it is a high turnover position it's not a problem but otherwise to not tell them you would be leaving is dishonorable in my opinion. Be prepared to burn that bridge as well as others in the field. A lot of planning and time is involved in the selection process and many companies spend thousands of dollars finding the right candidate, and then when you quit, the company will lose twice the amount of time and money.
  3. Guests at student admit days

    I think it depends on the visit. None of my visit were open houses, it was just come visit on your own and we'll let you sit in on a class and meet people. I was originally worried about bringing my mom, but both places are far away and my parents wanted at least one of them to have seen where I would be moving. So I took my mom on my first visit a week ago and it was great. She and I took the generic (mostly undergraduate) campus tour together and found my building. She met the grad student I was corresponding with and left while I met people and sat in on a class. While I was learning about the program she was speaking with the graduate school and got financial aid completely handled. Afterward I asked a graduate student to dinner to talk more about life in the city and my mom tagged along and paid for everyone's dinner so we were all happy. I think it depends a lot on your situation but I would say don't be afraid to take parents on visits. In an open house situation I would not take them to scheduled events. But I was traveling across the country and spending 2 nights in a hotel so I was very glad to have my mom as a travel companion. However my mom is not at all clingy and the visit was very on your own situation. I'm taking her on a similar visit next week and looking forward to it.
  4. I/O West Florida

    Hi, I was accepted to the University of West Florida for a masters in I/O Psych. The program looks great, applied (which is what I'm looking for), in Pensacola (I'm a warm weather person), similar interests to faculty, and I was offered a TA. My question is what (if anything) have people heard about West Florida in terms of I/O. I'm concerned about University recognition after I graduate, and trying to find a job with a lesser known university. Anything you've heard about West Florida or thoughts in general would be great.
  5. Hi I know I'm coming late to this forum and I hope you all have found jobs, but in case you haven't (or will be in this situation soon) I have found temping to be wonderful. I graduated in December and needed a job from December to August. I signed up with a couple of local temp agencies and I couldn't be happier. I am getting to explore different industries and job types while earning office experience and making $13 dollars an hour. Now for those already with a masters that dollar amount is not ideal. Luckily I live in a low cost area (Oklahoma) and it covers everything well (not luxury but ok living). I love experiencing different jobs and companies, and the office experience will really help when applying for jobs after grad school. Also, an unforseen benefit is the ease with which I am able to visit potential grad schools. Because I am temp employee, I can either not take jobs for the days I have visits planned or in a long term assignment (I'm currently covering for a lady on maternity leave) I'm free to take days off without having to worry about using vacation days or losing my job. I'm sure its not for everyone and I don't how the pay would suffice in more expensive cities (like LA or NY) but its definitely worth considering.