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  1. I have to make decision between two offers. Both are PhD offers with well funding. I am an international student and I am planing to find a job in North America after graduate. 1. Chemistry in Carnegie Mellon. High reputation, very strict supervisor who leads a very top group in polymer synthesis but only publishing papers (lots of papers...). Pittsburgh looks like a good place to live. But I am afraid of finding a job with a PhD degree in chemistry. 2. Chemical Engineering in Queen's. Nice supervisor in polymer reaction engineering, easy projects, not too much synthesis, kind of relaxing research life. May get graduate within 3-4 years. I really don't know which school is better for my professional career, especially under current economic situation. Which one should I choose? Canada or US? I am eager to your advices. Thank you .
  2. wangchem

    Carnegie Mellon

    Hi there! I am also a new student in chemisty, cmu, Fall 2012. And I just have the same concerns as yours. I guess maybe we can talk more, share some information.
  3. wangchem

    Carnegie Mellon University

    Hi! I was admitted to the chemistry program. I am an international student so I have no chance to pay a visit. I'd like to talk with you guys more about future life in Pitts.
  4. I guess it is a wonderful university but it is not famous in chemistry. I just got an offer from them with TA stipend. My major research interest involves polymer chemistry and polymer materials. So is CMU a good place for chemistry PhD? I also got an offer from U Tennessee while I guess CMU should be much better in all aspects. Thank you guys. I am eager to all information and comments since I am an international student who cannot pay a visit to my future schools.
  5. wangchem

    How much stipend are you offered for Chemistry Fall 2012?

    for Carnegie Mellon, the stipend is 2200 dollar per month

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