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  1. For anyone still on the alternate list, I was advised to contact the university scholarship department and find out if all of their awards have been allocated. In my case, they've already contacted everyone that was offered and have just not changed the status in the portal. This was very helpful for me, so I suggest if you're wondering about your status, contact the university directly. Hope this helps!
  2. Ha! I'm so impatient. Trying to understand how people haven't made decisions yet...?
  3. So....is anyone else still on the waitlist??
  4. I was an alternate for 2 schools, rejected for 2, and offered at 1. That's what I thought. Thanks!
  5. I was an alternate for 2 schools, and one changed to 'offered' yesterday. Unfortunately, it wasn't the school I was waiting on Still hopeful! Out of curiosity, has anyone had 2 offers at the same time? Wondering if maybe they only display one at a time per person...?
  6. Thank you! And congrats on the award! Good to know we still get the same automated email if it changes. I guess I can stop frantically logging in to the Research Portal now...
  7. This is interesting, thanks for sharing. I see Psychology is allocated 12 SSHRC awards. Not sure if I understand this correctly: if I'm an "Alternate", does that mean I'm in that extra 1/3?
  8. It definitely does happen. Just saw that I'm offered a SSHRC at a school I was rejected from weeks ago. In this case, you'd have to decline the award since it would be contingent on you attending that university. If you haven't received a formal rejection yet, you may be able to contact the program/person you interviewed with and notify them that you have funding. In some instances, they may re-consider your application. I know of people doing this in the past, but don't know if it would still work now that universities are doing their own ranking.
  9. I think that means you are on the wait list for the first round. If people decline, it may be offered to you (depending on your position on the wait list). Hope that helps!
  10. I was told that the results could be delayed because of time zones (so, west coast could possibly post decisions closer to end of day or even tomorrow). That being said, one of the first notifications I received today was from out west, so I guess it just depends when they get around to it! Good luck, all!
  11. Hi all, I am considering applying to schools in the EU or UK and, though I know the general differences between taught and research programs, I'm wondering which is better. I would be taking that Masters degree back with me to Canada and applying to some local programs for my PhD. From what I understand, the research degree is 100% devoted to your project, but wouldn't I need to take a whole lot of courses when I get back to catch up with a "regular" MA/MSc? Would the Canadian programs even consider that Master's degree equivalent as their Masters? Would the taught degree be better for these reasons? If anyone (especially other international applicants) has been through this process, do you mind shedding some insight? Thanks!
  12. I agree with this person. There's absolutely nothing wrong with inquiring. I did myself and my POI alluded to the fact that faculty already have an idea of who they would like to extend offers to (if they haven't already). Emailing them to find out may be the best thing, especially if you're waiting to hear back from them before deciding on other schools.
  13. Thanks for letting me know! Good luck.
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