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  1. While I think there is something said for expanding your horizons and trying new places, I don't think you should underestimate the amount of stress and number of challenges graduate school is going to present, and for that reason being in a place you're comfortable with and not dealing with a million life changes might also be valuable. If fear of the unknown is the ONLY reason holding you back from UCLA, go for it. But if all things are equal and you feel really good about what UT would mean academically as well as for your personal life, it seems to me like it's a natural fit. Addition
  2. Did everyone submit the scholarship application? Does anyone know when scholarship decisions can be expected?
  3. The only person who can decide what's right for you (and your family) is you (and your family). Try to weigh the things that make you want to attend DU against what you might be able to find elsewhere (if you opened up your search and reapplied next year). I lived in Colorado for a year and almost passed up Peace Corps to continue my career there simply because I loved the lifestyle and the area so much... but when I thought about it, I knew Colorado would always be there and I could relocate there to continue my career later on in life if I still wanted to. I will say that there are s
  4. Thanks for the insight and great advice! Both of you make good points, some of which I've already considered, and some of which I'm still trying to wrap my head around. Citychild, the PhD element is part of why I'm torn. I've not yet decided whether or not I want to pursue a PhD later on, but it is a distinct possibility. I'm sure a lot of it will depend on what trajectory my career takes after completing my Master's, but I am considering a life in academia eventually. This is why the research component gives me pause... I know it would be essential to getting admitted to a good PhD progr
  5. I applied to the 2 year program, and applied in early December.
  6. Finally got my decision! I got in! Of course, who knows how long it will take for funding decisions to be made. Time is ticking for me to make my final decision. Good luck to those of you still waiting!
  7. I got an email at 4:20 central time (finally)!
  8. As we near the end of March, many of us are busy trying to make the "right" decision about where to attend next year. I might be alone in this, but I'm so concerned with making a decision I won't regret that I'm stressing myself sick about it on some days. I'm very pleased with my admissions results thus far (although I'm still waiting on a decision from one school, and financial offers from one or two) and am now trying to move forward to determine where I'll be next fall. I chose to apply only to schools that I thought fit my professional goals and interests quite well, which I think is
  9. Inspired V


    I applied early decision, and there was no change on the online system until the decision was rendered (it just said Submitted). I received an email leading me to my updated status on the system. Good luck! The wait is the worst, I know.
  10. Misery loves company, so I'm glad to hear I'm not alone. I applied for the priority deadline back in December and am getting very frustrated at not hearing anything. I've gotten in to the other schools I applied to and need to start making decisions!!
  11. (Im)patiently awaiting my decision from UNC. Congratulations to those of you who have already received acceptances!! Hopefully mine is coming soon
  12. I second Angua's suggestion of comparing the "fit" of each program to your interests and professional aspirations. Before applying for MSW programs this year, I spent a lot of time researching programs (including digging into professor's bios) to figure out which schools most closely aligned with my goals and passions. I'm re-evaluating those same issues now as I juggle my admissions offers and try to make a decision as well. If it was me, I'd choose U Chicago, because I feel like within the field it's one of the best. But, the "best" really depends on what you're going for and how well th
  13. I'll be making a big move! Not quite sure where to yet... some of the options are only a few states away, while others are significantly further. I tried to find something closer to ease the transition and reduce costs, but for my specific goals and interests, I felt the need to apply to certain schools. I'm so ready to hear from my last school, compare funding offers, and MAKE THE DECISION!! I want to start planning the move and getting excited about the next phase of my life
  14. Inspired V


    Recently was accepted to WUSTL! Very exciting. Was called the next day to set up a scholarship interview (which I have next week)! WUSTL has more than 300 practicum sites worldwide and a proven record of successful placement.
  15. Congratulations!!!! I haven't heard back yet, but am eagerly awaiting news. I'm in love with many aspects of the program and keeping my fingers crossed. I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't mind sharing: when did you apply? how were you notified? was there any information about funding in your acceptance notification? Congrats again, totally awesome!
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