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  1. Try to enjoy the drive! I've done it a few times, and despite the inevitable stress of moving, if you think of it as a road trip and try to hit a few spots along the way (restaurants, museums, places of interest) it can be pretty fun.
  2. Besides the high cost of moving cross-country, or between cities, how do you manage scouting out new housing before arrival? Although I'm preparing for my 3rd long-distance move in 4 years, and I've got the whole purging-and-packing thing down to a science, I am coupled up now (with pets and furniture) so I don't want to end up in the first flea hotel or student housing I'm offered, and we're moving on a pretty serious budget too!
  3. No, comparatively it is a very reasonable amount of debt that will likely result in manageable monthly payments after graduation. Obviously, your employment prospects are something to consider, but you can always spend time during your first year of study applying for scholarships, teaching assistantships, and other forms of aid, and then reassess your need for loans the second year. If you're lucky, maybe borrowing will only be necessary the first year. Good luck!
  4. Going to Europe seems like it could only make you a more well-rounded and appealing applicant to the other program. With a full scholarship, I'd do it. Are there any other major risks (quitting your job, moving costs, etc.)?
  5. Thanks for all of your feedback. "School A" has agreed to re-evaluate my scholarship, so I've bought some time in this decision, but know that ultimately it will never be as inexpensive as "School B." My issue now, I suppose, is to figure out at what point does the "better" school become worth it? Yes, I believe there are decent freelance opportunities for students in my field (industrial design) in the metro area where School A is located. It is a program that boasts high internship and industry placement rates, and salaries in this area are on-par with the cost of living, which i
  6. Provided I maintain my scholarship (and chances are that I will be able to, and perhaps obtain additional funding) the grand total would be closer to 85k, not including living expenses, for School A. School B, with no funding, will cost 38k to attend for the total of the 3-year program.
  7. I have to decide today (realistically, I had to decide last week) if I am going to enroll in School A or School B: - School A is a very well-regarded private school and has been consistantly ranked #1 or 2 in the field for years running. It has great facilities, produces stellar work, and is located in the major metropolitan area in which I currently reside. It costs an arm, a leg and an eye to attend. - School B is an acknowedged, but not necessarily high-ranking public school. It has equally great facilities, quality student work, and amazing opportunities for cross-disciplinary stud
  8. I just visited last week, and was 100% sold on my program of interest, but a little nervous to take the plunge and move cross-country to Raleigh. Where is everyone coming from? Any first impressions?
  9. Hello! I am in the (fortunate, I think) position of having to pick between several ID programs for graduate school. I have done a lot of reading through this and other forums about the respective programs I am considering, and have been lucky enough to visit them all and even take a class at a couple of schools. There are things that do and don't appeal to me about each program/situation, and I have a very short amount of time to make a final decision, so I am eager for any feedback from graduate of these schools, employers of graduates from these schools, or anyone willing to volunteer the
  10. Anyone making decisions for ID this year? I'm curious where everyone in this thread wound up last year. I am currently considering Pratt, Art Center, and NCSU. Waitlisted at Stanford, and most likely going to decline CCA. Any thoughts or feedback on any programs are welcomed and appreciated!
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