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  1. Hi guys, NCSU has finalized the 2013 cohort. If you haven't heard anything, expect a rejection letter soon. I'm really sorry :/
  2. Hi! Anyone else headed here in the fall?
  3. I read each comment on each thread, and I feel extremely encouraged. I know all programs are diff as are the people in them, but knowing not everyone has a miserable experience makes me look forward to my own a lot more. Thank you!
  4. Thank you for saying this.
  5. I've read quite a few threads in this topic and many seem to be from very unhappy, lonely grad students. Are there any happy ones out there? Is anyone glad they took the plunge and moved across the country to work your tail off?
  6. I would email the DGS and ask for a status update
  7. ^this was easily one of the greatest/funniest/most enthusiastic posts ever lol
  8. I can't thank you enough for your opinions and perspective! Fortunately, my POI called with an excellent funding offer she managed to pull together for me. I hope all of you have had similar luck!
  9. I first spoke to my academic/research mentors, then went through the Grad School/Faculty profiles on the SIOP website. I agree with the posters who recommend finding programs with at least 2 faculty you'd be interested in working with. Cast a wide net! Good luck!
  10. Here's where I'm at: I've been offered a position by my dream PhD program- purely because research interests were such a clear match, as my POI was not planning on taking another grad student. Unfortunately, this offer is unfunded (meaning out of state tuition the first year. Yikes!) Additionally, I've been offered acceptance to two unfunded, but in state, masters programs where research fit is a bit of a stretch, and waitlisted at a great, but certainly not top choice PhD program. Finally, I've been offered a place in the 2012 Teach for America corps (two year teaching commitment in
  11. Accepted to NCSU Funding details to come next week.
  12. That's wonderful news! Congratulations! Has anyone heard from LSU?
  13. Hi! Has anyone heard from PDX Applied Social and Community? I tried searching through the Results Survey for some clue as to when I'd hear back, but there isn't a single thing. On the site it says March, but I'm getting anxious. Let me know please!!
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