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  1. If the program you are applying to does not require (or only suggests) the subject test, the rule of thumb as I have learned it is: DO NOT TAKE IT. SOme majors (mathematics, for one) will find that most programs require the subject test and appear to lean heavily on it. I have a friend (def not me, I'm in counseling) who is applying to PhD programs in math. His general GREs are V167, Q164, Essay 6.0, has a 4.0 GPA, is Phi Beta, take several math indecent studies, heads the tutoring program at his school, and likely valedictorian at his undergrad. He also had faculty falling all over each othe
  2. You know, my child is in the same boat as you with a different PhD area (Math). During a visit to Drexel, the faculty chair and several of the students really rolled out the red carpet and made it clear (by telling him) that he was wanted in the department. Iowa has accepted him (comparable financials) and offered a weekend trip to visit. He told us he felt so comfortable at Drexel, though. Something to be said about being made to feel welcome.
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