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  1. This is very reassuring, thanks:-) I agree that many papers are very badly written...
  2. I've been going to the gym (cardio, but mostly weights) since first year undergrad, though not sure if I'll be able to go as often or for as long, especially now that I'll be driving to campus and back... I am considering signing up for intro yoga classes just to try something new.
  3. I agree - the inter nation student orientation often involves a lot of paperwork and admin. Fun...
  4. Same here, at least I found some nice frames:) Said to a friend that it may come in useful to see where I'm going when i drive!
  5. Haven't started grad school yet, so can only comment on university in general - always thought I had pretty decent vision, and yesterday while registering for my driver's license, I failed the eye test spectacularly. Felt like such an idiot.... Needless to say, have an appointment with an optometrist this week. I hope grad school doesn't make it worse.... I've been using "age-defying" skincare products for a while, it's just a part of my routine. Some products are great, others a complete rip off. For the dark circles, I'd recommend something like http://www.vichyusa.com/aqualia-ther
  6. I would probably avoid dating someone in the same department, mostly because I need space - and what would we have left to talk about? :-) That said, I would probably tend towards someone with very similar interests and goals: someone I can relate to and who knows enough about academia in general and my field... But life happens, and I don't think it makes sense to go into grad school with excessively strict rules, but rather to have an open mind and use common sense. I think it also depends on the size of the department; for example, a larger one would provide a helpful buffer of sorts
  7. Hi:) I'll be starting a biology PhD in September, and although I suspect the workload will be high, I'm very interested in getting involved in (higher/science) education research eventually - this was emphasized in my personal statement. Any ideas on the best way to do so - i.e., do an education Master's later, or somehow obtain training in the relevant methodology? I'm certainly not laboring under the delusion that I can suddenly become an expert in social science research, especially while working in a lab, but I'd appreciate advice on the best place to start
  8. I'm moving to a different country, and the hardest part is deciding which of my books to take...
  9. Very encouraging comments:-) My family isn't unsupportive in any hostile sense, but they really don't seem to 'get' what I'm doing. When you hear good news, it can be very hurtful and surprising for people to 'rain on your parade': it is perhaps normal for practical concerns to be expressed, but not when you've just gotten in.
  10. Agreed, thanks - my honors project supervisor was very relaxed about keeping the lab book, and I normally just kept loads of raw data and graphs on my laptop, but a PhD will require much more discipline. WIll also have to be a little less 'OCD' about it, and resist the urge to throw the whole thing away if there's a smudge or something
  11. Hi everyone:) Starting biology PhD in September, will be doing fairly long rotations for the first year, which will hopefully flow into a research project. Any ideas/suggestions regarding keeping a lab notebook: I tried during undergrad projects but always got a bit lazy and struggled to keep it neat. Also, seems weird writing things that aren't of much consequence.... Should I rather type it up daily and file, or use an app, or just a regular notebook?
  12. I agree - many of the papers I have to wade through are very technical; speed reading could be useful to get an overall feel for the work, but I usually have to pick it apart bit by bit. I always read with a pencil or something, find it helps to follow and underline/make notes - turning it into an active process helps me remember important details. My problem lately seems more related to concentration, I'll be thinking/worrying about several things at once and keep jumping from one activity or task to the next, can be quite frustrating.
  13. I've had friends who have made the long distance thing work, but when they finally were together again (in a more permanent set-up), things were somehow 'different'... I suppose, as has been said, it depends largely on the couple. I am so grateful and relieved that my partner and I were placed within 20 minutes of each other - and I only applied to my school randomly at the very last minute, they were literally about to meet to start discussing applicants!
  14. I've used Parker pens since high school, very reliable - except I tend to lose them eventually... Sometimes I find them in the strangest places.
  15. For interest, what are the latest stats for completion of PhDs - by discipline/faculty, age, part vs full time etc?
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