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  1. Thanks. We'll see. At this point, I've kind of lost hope. I shouldn't say it, but it's true.
  2. Grad, I'm sorry you got rejected. I still haven't heard anything from the MLIS department. Good luck trying to figure out everything. Maybe next year will be better.
  3. I'm still waiting as well. Haven't heard anything. I don't know whether I should continue to hold out at this point, or cut my losses and start figuring out how to make my application stronger for next year.
  4. Congratulations! That must be a relief! Stats class will seem like a piece of cake to the waiting, I'm sure.
  5. I called on Friday to the Department office (I also applied to the MLIS program). She said that she was trying to make it through the stack of applications. When I asked her if she could tell me anything definite, she gave an awkward laugh and said no, that I will just have to wait. UCLA is kind of my last hope--it was my number one, and I've been rejected everywhere else. So I was kind of hoping to know by now. Maybe an e-mail might have better results. Good luck to all of you!
  6. That's the same e-mail I got from the MLIS program at UCLA. So what does that mean? Ugh! I really hate this waiting.
  7. Thanks for the update. I too applied to the MLIS program and have been waiting for a decision. This waiting is killing me.
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