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  1. Hey Everyone! I'm going to BU next fall for my master's in counseling. I'm moving from Chicago and looking for a place to live. So if anyone needs a roommate, message me.
  2. Actually that did help alot! And the only reason I don't want to get a master's in psychology first then go for my PhD in psych is because I want to be able to practice after my master's and not have to count on getting accepted into a PhD program. Thanks!
  3. To practice as a licensed counselor for a few years then go for my PhD and become a psychologist. Both programs are huge advocates for social justice, which is why I applied.
  4. Hey everyone, which do you think is a better master's counseling program? I've been accepted to Loyola University Chicago's M.Ed community counseling program and Boston College's MA counseling program.
  5. I have been accepted into two master's counseling programs, one in Philadelphia and one in New York, and they both accept defferals. I am using my year off to travel/work/save money so I don't go into too much debt, but I don't know where I will be once the year is over. I just don't want to have to decide between the two schools now if I don't have too. I don't want to be misleading but I don't want either to cut me out.
  6. Hello, Does deferring admission to a school mean that you have to attend that school? Or can I defer and then apply to other places? Thanks!
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