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  1. Congrats to both of you! San Clemente seems like a great place to live while you learn about the area.
  2. vermoose

    Santa Barbara, CA

    I appreciate the reply. It seems like the application process is going to be a bit difficult. We've asked the Housing Dept. many questions but there hasn't been much of a response other than to schedule an in person visit. I'm sure they're very busy but it's a bit nerve wracking. Just like anything involving grad school, haha. I'll be sure to check out those areas when we go down since I'd like to live near by so my beau doesn't have a long commute. Plus, I will probably apply for the MA program this coming year now that we know where he is attending. Thanks again!
  3. vermoose

    Santa Barbara, CA

    Hey sbgrad and others using the forums, I hope you don't mind my asking but did you know anyone in the family housing? My SO was accepted and we were hoping to live in the graduate family housing. We aren't married but we're going to see if we qualify under their domestic partner parameters(aka: sharing financial/personal welfare.) I was just wondering if you knew anyone with a personal opinion of it since there isn't a generous amount of information online, beyond the official website and some defunct community websites. Any information would be appreciated wether it's about size, quality, community, etc... I've contacted the housing department but they asked us to come and visit/interview which is a bit hard to do until next month. I'd love to hear something in the mean time! Also, I'm glad to hear how much everyone has enjoyed their experience at the school.
  4. My SO was accepted to UCSB and we're applying to live in Family housing (I'm not sure if we will be eligible since we're not in a rush to get married. anyone have any experience with Family housing?). We'd love to live in town but the prices are a bit steep for what you get. I've been looking at Lompoc since it is cheaper but I'd rather not add a comute to his daily schedule. Anyone having any luck in finding reasonable priced apartments or home rentals? (We're looking for a single bedroom unit) Craigslist seems to have many new postings each day snice it is a vacation area, but most of them that are close by are beyond our means.
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