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  1. When do people generally start finding fall housing in the area? Are students already securing their leases? And do students generally pay for the summer before a term starts or after? That is to say, we're planning on moving to Durham in August and would prefer to not pay for June and July.... Thanks for any insights!
  2. There is a conservative synagogue right next to Duke's East Campus - a number of observant professors and students live in that area. An orthodox minyan meets in a smaller room of the same synagogue (http://www.betheldurham.org/index.html). From what I can tell, the dinning halls on campus tend to offer kosher options and an observant professor told me that there are a few kosher restaurants in downtown Durham.
  3. For Yale at least, the committees have to submit their acceptances to the graduate school on February 22 and the acceptances/rejections should be out on March 1. Also, their stipend is the highest at $31,000 and some change... but cost of living is incredibly steep, so I think it evens out with the other top tier schools.
  4. Yep, via e-mail from the DGS, a couple of weeks after we received admittance from the website.
  5. Yep, had my interview this morning. It went really well--a lot of people crammed around one computer! But it was actually really fun and made me want to go there all the more!
  6. For those interested, invites to the admitted student weekend at UNC-CH have gone out, Feb 22-24.
  7. Its just via Skype and is apparently very short. Yale requires all departments to do interviews for PhD programs, and I believe that the religious studies department isn't super happy about that.
  8. I think it really depends on the program and the discipline. In the humanities interviews are seemingly much less common than in the sciences for example. As a religious studies student only three of the eight programs I applied to give interviews. For the programs I was really interested in and knew there was not a formal interview process, I made a point of visiting before applications were due, sometime in the fall. Looking into threads for your particular subject area should be helpful!
  9. Fail, I accidentally put my verbal score into my quant spot... I think it's the shock.
  10. Yep! I have it direct from the admissions coordinator that the interview weekend is Feb 8-10th.
  11. Well, fingers crossed that's only for NT students... I'm guessing each field goes at their own pace.
  12. Nope, I just gave up trying to guess and asked!
  13. Finished yesterday! Also, if anyone is interested I found out the interview weekend for Duke has been scheduled for Feb. 8-10. Good luck everyone!
  14. Does anybody know, at least roughly, when interviews fall? For schools such as Duke and Yale? I of course have every possible family obligation one can think of in January and February and I was just curious if anybody has more info. Fingers crossed I'm actually chosen for said interviews!
  15. I am in the process of deciding which grad programs to apply to and have stumbled across Yale's joint-degree program, Religion and Ecology. Has anyone in this forum participated in the program? Thoughts? I am specifically interested in the relationship between religion and landscape. That is to say, the nineteenth century religious attitudes of Americans toward their bioregion, landscape, geography, etc. and in turn, how these attitudes affected the environment and land stewardship. If I pursue this route, I would prefer to do the MAR concentrated track because I hope to pursue my Ph.D.
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