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  1. mmary1988

    Seattle, WA

    Yea, anyone have an insight on living in West Seattle and potentially commute issues to UW? I will have a car, but would be willing to bus it if there if not much of a commute difference- I've heard I-5 is a pain. Are there other convenient routes? I really just want something affordable and found some decent options in WS.
  2. I've looked all over their website and found nothing about the assistantship process. I received an e-mail Ford Institute yesterday, so not sure what to think now- haven't received anything in the mail yet. I'll be attending the admitted day, hopefully they will have assistantship information then for us! May call next week to get a better idea if additional funding opportunities are available.
  3. Received an e-mail today stating... Congratulations on your admittance to the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA). We are delighted to welcome you to the Johnson Institute for Responsible Leadership, one of GSPIA’s Centers of Excellence. Anyone receive anything similar? Do you think this mean funding?
  4. Waiting as patiently as I can :)

  5. Opps... saw you applied to George Mason. When did you hear back from them? I haven't heard anything and my application began processing in early February. Thanks! ~Christine

  6. Hey somanytictoc,

  7. Hey Olga! I've applied for Rutgers-Camden Public Administration (MPA) program. Still no word, but hopefully soon! Have you heard back yet about your program? Did you find out via website? I also contacted someone in the Department a while back and as well it was kind of vague, so holding off on contacting them again to find out about my application decision. Glad to see someone else in a similar situation at Rutgers-Camden
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