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  1. I recently submitted my grad school application about 6 weeks before the posted deadline. I'm just curious whether I should even bother checking my application status until after the deadline has passed. Do schools make decisions as the applications come in, even if they are relatively early?
  2. When I applied for a MLIS program, the school listed topics they wanted me to address in the SOP. These were listed at the end of the online app process, so I had actually written a rough draft of my SOP before I even saw them. If I remember correctly, the topics included what skills or attributes I would bring to the profession, what I expected from the SLIS, and what I felt the role of a librarian or school media specialist was, and what relevant work experience I could claim. They did not ask me to discuss specific classes or professors. In general, I'd recommend that you personalize you
  3. I've also heard the courses are generally not very exciting. You're learning about libraries, so it might be hard to make that sexy. As far as jobs go, there have been no openings at the county libraries in my area since I've been keeping track (about four months). There are however over a dozen openings for school media specialists, which is the job I plan to pursue.
  4. Never mind. I should have done more research before asking. The deadline was for state aid, which in my poor, conservative state is probably next to nill anyway. Federal aid has no deadline.
  5. I'm planning to start graduate school in January and need a Stafford loan to pay for it. I recently read that the deadline for the 2012-2013 FAFSA in my state was in June. . Is it possible that there was such an early deadline, even for the spring semester? Hopefully a merciful soul will come along and tell me there is another deadline for the spring. Otherwise I will need to seriously rethink how I will pay for school.
  6. Thanks emmm. I'm not too worried. I was just curious how the system worked. Have a fun 4th.
  7. So you have to order a transcript even though the testing company has already sent them the scores? I didn't get a reference number with my MAT score, nor is there a place on my application to enter one. I don't want to shell out $20, so I hope the school retains access to my score.
  8. This is just a question I'm curious about. When you take the GRE or another standardized test, you can elect to have your scores sent directly to a graduate school. Often this will be many months before you actually submit an application. Does the admission department start a file on you and save your score for later? It seems like it would be hard to keep track of the scores of scores coming in, especially when some of those students may ultimately decide not to apply.
  9. I'm a non-traditional student who graduated college 15 years ago. I recently received a Certificate of Technical Writing and had a great instructor for one of my courses. She has already agreed to write me a LOR and I think it will be a good one. My certificate was awarded to me by Clemson University, but I only received Continuing Education Units, not college credits. I certainly felt the courses were as rigorous as the undergrad courses I took. Since this was my most recent educational experience, I'm hoping graduate schools will accept this LOR. Does anyone have any insight into this?
  10. Hi all- I'm planning to apply to the University of South Carolina's MLIS program for the spring. I've been out of school for 17 years, so I really like the fact that they only ask for 2 letters of recommendation. Other schools I've checked require 3. It was hard enough to find 2 work supervisors who can vouch for me considering I've worked for the same boss for 8 years. USC would also allow me to pay in-state tuition which is a definite plus. Although no one can "guarantee" I'll get in, does anyone have an idea how selective that program is? I had a 3.10 GPA and my MAT score is in the 99
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