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    I don't know what the MAT test is or how it works. If you already sent them your scores (for free or paid the testing company) then you should be fine, unless the school or testing company says otherwise? I'm not sure what you mean by "ordering a transcript" -- usually the scores are sent electronically? For the GRE, you get scores sent to your undergrad school plus 4 other schools of your choosing for free if you decide on the schools before / while writing the test. After that, it's about ~$20 per school.
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    lsgchas reacted to emmm in Scores submitted before application go where?   
    Also, once the official application opened, it did take some time for the online application to reflect that my GRE report had been received, so don't worry if it does not show up right away. However, if you think it's taking too long, you can call the graduate office and ask about it. It was good I called when my transcripts weren't showing up -- they had been filed under my maiden name. So, clerical errors can happen, and calling doesn't hurt.
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