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  1. Thanks all for your input and opinions! Like callista suggested the meeting with the expert I spoke of was purely by chance at a conference and it is common in those circumstances to discuss research that is planned/being done. I certainly did not invite his participation in the study! I realize this would have been crossing a huge line! His offer of help was out of the blue... but anyway it is all sorted now... It was one of those things that seemed a bigger deal than it was! Thanks for your help!
  2. Hello, I am after getting myself in an awkward situation. As a first year doctorate student I am doing some research with a 4th year doctorate student. After collecting the data, I had the luck to meet an expert in the area of research we are doing (and it is a very small area!). After getting some great advice from him on analyizing our qualitative data, he said he would gladly like to help us to analyize the data and write it up. I see this as a great thing! He is a very well published researcher in this area and, of course, I nor my colleague are. But on telling my colleague about his offer she was not so impressed and does not want him to be part of our research. As she is the principle investigator this is her call and i respect that. So, I must now contact the expert and let him know that we do not want him to join us. So please, any suggestions as to how I could do this in a respectful way. As I said it is a very small field I am in and I do not want to go upsetting anyone. Thank you kindly for your help!
  3. That sounds perfect! Thank you very much!!
  4. Great I'll check out those!! Thank you! U find any good app for working with word documents/PowerPoint??
  5. Hello all! So i recently bought a nexus 7.... I'm in the first year of my PhD and decided that this was as good a time as any to buy a tablet. I would really appreciate any suggestions on how to get the most out of it! How are others using this device? Any recommended apps? Thanks for all your opinions and advice!! Sean
  6. Hello all, I’ll start with the great news. I love my field! Adapted Physical Education (APE)! The field that helps those with disabilities become included in regular physical education. After completing a bachelor in physical education, and just now a masters in adapted physical activity, I have been fortunate enough to be accepted to do a doctorate with one of the top persons in the area. I am very fortunate and a phd in the area is what I want to do (the field of APE is just developing in my country and I want to me in a place to improve the situation when I return here (the phd is abroad); I also enjoy research and this is one area that a lot of research is needed in...) And i have got a funded phd which is now very difficult to get in my country. But the bad news... I have doubts about my experience (or lack of)... I have gone straight through my bachelor and masters and now will go straight into my phd... nearly all my experience has come from internships and although i feel capable in the area (and have demonstrated so), i am aware I have never been actually employed by a school to teach physical education... The field is young and so experience can be hard to come by (especially in schools as inclusive physical education is not yet the norm...). So I have doubts... I feel I am intelligent enough and motivated enough to do a PhD and i know it will bring me to the career I want to have but there is a little voice in my head reminding me that my hands on experience is lacked... should i listen? Any advice would be greatly appreciated in this regard... Thank you so much, Seán
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