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  1. Since I did not hear from UC Berkeley for Biostatistics till now for a PhD, I called them this afternoon. The admin coordinator said they cannot confirm anything on phone but said they have sent all their acceptances already. So I guess any one who did not hear are rejected. Did every one who applied for a PhD hear back from them. thanks
  2. Hello Did you apply for a PhD or MS? I have applied for a PhD at Berkeley biostats and haven't heard from them...do you know if they are done recruiting PhD students and haven't responded to people they rejected. Thanks
  3. Sorry for digressing from your question, but did you hear from UC berkeley biostat or stat for phd?
  4. I have aplplied to only one school, UC BerkeIey biostat and didnt hear from them as of now. Does this mean I am rejected. I sent an email to them multiple times and they keep saying that the decision woud be sent by the end of the week but it doesnt. Cannot comprehend why it is taking so long. I did see one PhD and a couple of MS acceptances on results page
  5. Hmm..thanks for the response. I think they are just delaying announcing the rejections...one of the forum members friends got rejections last week. I have seen one acceptance in last week of January and since it is a small program they might be done with their acceptances. When they know an applicant is rejected why cannot they announce it.
  6. Thanks for the info..do you know if your friends contacted the department to get the status or Biostat dept. informed them about the rejection. I cannot understand why they didn't inform me till now. I have sent an email 10 days back and admin coordinator responded that they are going to take decisions either last week or this week.
  7. Did you apply for Statistics or Biostat at Berkeley. I applied to Berkeley Biostat and they didnt get back to me as of now.
  8. Did anyone hear back fom UC Berkeley Biosatstics for PhD. I havent heard from them till now but have seen an acceptance posted way back in January. I think it is a rejection for me but was wondering if anyone has heard back from them. I know it is a small program not sure how many they admit per year though
  9. we are moving to California shortly and I want to apply for Biostat PhD. Here is my complicated profile I already have a masters in Statistics and I dont have straights A's in my stat courses. I did well in survival analysis (+), longitudinal analysis (A+), calculus (A+) but not so great in some courses like statistics theory, advanced calculus (B, B+). (took 5 graduate level courses in that semester with teaching assistantship) My GRE scores are also not so great (working full time)- 160 in Quant and 150 in Verbal. I have 5 years of work experience as a biostatistician at a reputed
  10. Thank you all for taking the time and also the words of encouragement....I was reconsidering my application with those scores. Yes I do have a masters from NC state in Statistics and am currently working as a biostatistician. Since we are moving to California..my husband found a job there, I was planning to apply only to the schools in san francisco area so that limits my choices. I am applying for Berkeley, UC-Davis and UC-Santa Cruz. Any other suggestions for that are will be greatly appreciated as I am not familiar with that area. I should have 3 good LOR from the people I work with here w
  11. I just took my GRE today and got Quant:160 and verbal 149 I am kind of shocked because always got around 165 in pratice tests for quant and 155 in verbal.. Do I have to retake GRE?..it might not be possible because there is no time before the deadline:( I have a masters from NC State university with GPA 3.5. I also have 5 years of experience as a biostatistician... I am applying for Berkeley biostats, UC Davis and UC Santa Cruz .....
  12. Again thanks for your advice. Yes..my main interests are in analysis of high dimensional genetic data and clinical trials. Do you have any idea about UC Davis (quite a drive from Bay area) and UC Santa Cruz. I want to have some safety schools.
  13. True..I might end up applying there but have no hopes what so ever. Berkeley offers both Statistics and Biostatistics degree (school of public health)...but we can apply only to one program in a calendar year. I am in two minds as to which department I should choose. The Statistics department like Stanford is ranked very high and I dont know if I stand a chance among them..even though I would love to be a part of their program. The Biostatistics group is small and as you mentioned accepts very few per year ..but almost all the professors are from the department of Statistics.... do you have
  14. Thanks cyberwulf for explaining it so well...I have a masters in stats from nc state and have 6 years experience doing cancer research..we are planning to move to bay area .. even though I would love to go to Washington..I cannot for other reasons... 1. Berkeley biostat 2. UC Davis Statistics 3. UC Santa Cruz 4. Not applying to Stanford as It might be a stretch Thanks again a bunch..
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