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  1. This is sort of an odd question. It completely depends on your methodology and subjects. A visual culture approach might survey dozens of images, while a psychoanalytic reading might zone in on just a handful. My personal rule is to include an image if I spend time discussing it, especially if it's not frequently published or well known. An offhanded comparison to Dejeuner sur l'herbe doesn't merit reproduction in the list of figures. Include anything that you spend more than a sentence or two analyzing.
  2. Congratulations--that is an exciting choice. They are obviously both great programs reputation-wise, so consider the adviser fit and financial packages. Google your potential adviser's students of the past 5-10 years (a good start is to search his/her name through ProQuest Dissertations under the "adviser" tab). Do they have jobs? Jobs that you would want? Look at their CVs- how well did they do with external fellowships? It's hard to know, before grad school, how much your adviser's clout in the field really matters with regards to these things.
  3. As a student at Temple, you can also take courses at Penn. You can also do this from Rutgers, but it's more of a schlep. Penn's new Ren hire starts in the fall, too...
  4. Best "I have a bit of an unusual situation" post yet. Best of luck!
  5. As far as foreign language study goes, it depends on your chosen subfield. If you choose classical Greek or Roman, you will need French, German, Greek (ancient and probably modern, if you plan to research in Greece), and Latin. Renaissance will require French, German, Italian and possibly others depending on geographic range. 20th century American will require French, German, and potentially a third language again depending on geography or specific interests. For most of these subfields, a reading knowledge of French and German is enough. For others, a more sophisticated command is exp
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