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  1. hey im in this exact situation. i asked my mentor and my old university and he told me that we actually can't backout with a big backlash. since it is april that is. IDK if thats true so if someone else knows...... heres my situation: I accepted and and signed for a university I used to love. however since signing there my PI at that university lost all of his funding and went ballistic. The last two weeks with him were horrible and he ended up making the high school and undergrads cry. I'm worried that he is going to make my life hell....what do you think?
  2. thanks guys. yeah ill go to the other interviews, im just really nervous that what she said on the phone is a indication that im not accepted. or i screwed up somehow.
  3. Also I have other interviews still coming up so I really wanted to know from UVA to cancel them.
  4. Hey everyone. So I interviewed at UVA on the 18th. They told me it should take them 1-2 weeks to make a decision. I have gotten other offers already. However UVA is my top choice. I called and told them I have heard back from some schools and want to make my decision shortly. The woman recogonized my name and told me to hold. She came back and said they will be making a decision within the next two weeks. Thats one month after I visited! Should I be reading too much into this? Did I just screw up my chances by telling them that I have heard back from other schools? Please help!
  5. Hello, I am applying to Biomedical science programs throughout the country for PhD. I had gone through the application process last year, only got one interview and didn't get in. They told me to take a year and work as a lab tech to garner experience. I have applied to 6 schools and have recieved 3 interview requests. The other three schools don't do interviews anymore. My concern is that the same thing that will happen again, I don't want to get my hopes up with the three interviews. So what are the chances of rejection for these: Penn State Hershey UVA Wake Forest I'm also a
  6. that cool face was supposed to be b ) but it came out as a emoticon, sorry!
  7. Hello, I have a gpa of 3.377, I have been published in a ACS book, have gre's above 80 percent, and have produced 2 senior thesis projects. I was wondering if people could list what schools they think I could: a) get in easily (back up schools) be competitive for Thank you very much!
  8. Hello, So I wrote a book chapter for the ACS on Mass Spec, and have written two senior thesis projects. Both projects are roughly 60 pages, but focus on two specific research projects that I have worked on. The ACS chapter just shows a broader range of my writing style. Which one should I include?
  9. Also, I'm willing to look over other peoples for a second opinion/viewpoint.
  10. Hello, if you are willing to help with my SOP please pm me, I really could use feedback.
  11. Thank you all for your questions and help! The schools were Duke, Wake Forest, Washington University in St. Louis (WashU), and Penn State. Now Penn state interviewed me, and then had to downsize their positions due to a issue last year, but the admin told me to reapply since he really like me. Are these too top? I was thinking of changing too: Penn State George Washington University UVA University of Maryland UC San Fran UGA and maybe adding Uconn and WVU? How does those look? I was published in a American Chemical Society book with only 5 authors,
  12. Hello, I graduated from university with my Bachelor's Degree in Biomolecular Science andChemistry. My GPA was a 3.377, and my gre's were both over 70 percent (my quantitative was 88%). I have been published, have great recommendations, and have completed a lot of research. Here is the thing, I applied to a 4 phd programs last year, only interviewed at one, and was not given a spot at any of them. Which leads me to the next question, what did I do wrong? I am currently reapplying working on stronger recommendations, some graduate classes I am taking in the mean time, and a stronger personal st
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