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  1. I was ACCEPTED!! The email was sent to me at midnight, but I didnt know about it until I checked my email this morning. UCLA was my first choice - I'm so happy. Now I just have to get through this dreaded stats class... YAY!!!!!
  2. Await, I feel your pain! I'm waitlisted at USC and its not a fun thing. Im a very stellar candidate (no Pultzer-prize recommendation) and I was inititally surprised that I got wait-listed. It hurts. I'm thinking that I should hit up a member of my extended family, who's a highly-regarded, retired,UCLA professor, for a letter of rec - before he dies!
  3. Im also STILL waiting. I've called & left a few messages last week and of course, I havent heard back. They must have an overwhelming amount of applications; with times as tough as they are, I'm guessing that there'll be an increase in people returning to school to obtain MA's, PHds, to stay competitive in the job market. UCLA is prestigious and still more reasonable cost-wise than say, USC or other private universities, so I'm also guessing that for this reason they may have a wind-fall of applicants. I heard that USC had an "overwhelming amount of qualified applicants" (in the social work dept)so I can only imagine that UCLA would have even more. I'm really down in the dumps right about now - i know my chances arent good... Good luck to the rest of you..
  4. Re: the person who opened the LOR - its called strategy. You are a hero in my book too. Dont listen to the haters. You gotta take care of you. Thanks for the idea!
  5. I wonder if it helps to leave phone messages? Will they get so sick of me that they actually turn my potential acceptance into a rejection? Or will my persistence impress them so that they might change my potential rejection to acceptance?
  6. Still sad and waiting. I have a class in the social welfare building so I went upstairs to check on status. The frontdesk person went to check with the admissions officer, but he was busy with a student. She said that all we can do is wait or call Lance Fooks. This is just depressing...because I know other people have been accepted. I'm probably teetering on the edge of rejection...as they probably called all the top candidates first...i'm probably just a leftover...
  7. Hello, Thank god I found this forum - now I know there are other sad souls in limbo like me... I also get an error message when trying to check the status of my application. I cant take this anymore - I've only applied to 2 places - UCLA and USC. Got wait-listed at USC and I just have a bad feeling about UCLA. Oh sweet baby jesus - put me out of my misery!! Someone mentioned that they know of others who were already accepted - might those have been the applicants who applied BEFORE the December deadline? I hope so... If anyone gets a decision, please post! I'll do the same as soon as I find out I've been rejected!
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