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So, my GPA from Rice in Houston and one year at the London School of Economics in the UK was 3.46 and my GRE scores are 770Q/640V/5AW. Kinda seems mediocre to me to be honest. BUT I have interned with the State Dept (3 summers), the White House Council of Economic Advisers (1 summer), and have held research positions at CSIS, AEI, Potomac Institute, and the Baker Institute during the last several years in counter-terrorism/economics related areas. I also worked for two years full time after graduating in 08 with one of the big three international defense companies in their strategic planning groups. Did I also mention I am fluent in Iraqi Arabic, Spanish, and English?

So do you guys think I have a shot at Yale MA in IR, Georgetown SSP, Harvard Kennedy School, Stanford IPS?? What says you!?

I guess I'll be finding out in the next two or three weeks here but never hurts to hear what the masses say.

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I'd say yes, but I'm not in the admission committee. Those schools get plenty of good candidates and from here I cannot see how your SOP for example stands out. I applied to those universities as well, though a different program, and I think I won't get in. I red the history of the current students on the Stanford website and it was impressive. "Summa cum laude, I also have my own company, I hold three Bachelor degrees and did them at the same time"-students. Can't beat that.

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Those are some pretty elite programs. Even for the best qualified candidates, it can be a crapshoot. Stats alone won't get you in, have to have stellar recs and stellar sop

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