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What Does A Doctor Networking Event Mean?



Hello everyone, 

   I  received an PhD networking event invitation email from Stevens Institute of Technology last Thursday. It said they will compensate your transportation fees(if they are within $500, and $1000 for international travel). Besides, three-day meals and accommodations at Sheraton are covered by SIT. It seems like a on campus visit & interview at the same time. I sent a email to the people who is in charge of this event, and has not received any reply. 

   Since I saw that Finance PhD program is quite new to SIT, is that anybody can give me some advice on this event or Finance PhD program at SIT? 

   Thank you so much!

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Hi, DId you ever go to this? I was also invited this year. Since they are a newer program I imagine they do events like this to convince students to come. They have some interesting professors and are AACSB accredited now. I will likely go since it is paid and I am genuinely curious about the program.

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