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Interview Day vs. Visiting Day (after acceptance)

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I've had an interview day before, and I am pretty familiar with what that process looks like (dress professionally, have a million questions, don't get drunk, always have a smile on your face, and try not to stand out for the wrong reasons). However, I've never had a visiting day post-(unofficial)acceptance. Does anyone know how this differs? I expect it will be more relaxed, but I'm not certain. Do I still need to dress professionally? Or is business-casual or casual more acceptable? Is this process more dedicated to recruiting me or is there any reasonable risk of them yanking my unofficial acceptance? Any information would be much appreciated!

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My experience with these types of visits post unofficial acceptance is that they are more casual relative to interviews. However, it is always good to dress professionally and be on your best behavior in order to make  good impression. The programs tend to focus more on recruiting you and giving you information than on evaluating you. That being said, my impression with unofficial acceptances is that they only get yanked if you display socially undesirable behaviors (e. g. saying inappropriate things, drinking too much, etc.). I hope this helps. 

Congratulations on the unofficial acceptance!

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