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Any hear back from URTA directing interviews?


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I know it’s a bit early but I’m wondering if anyone has heard back about MFA directing interviews yet after attending IRTA?  I sent a bunch of thank you emails and only got a reply from one school (Brooklyn College) and it was just a “we won’t be getting back to anyone for months” yet response.  

I had he sane issue last year when I did URTA directing interviews — great resume, more professional than academic, but they seemed to want you get, more fresh-out-of-college people.  I’m also a playwright and screenwriter who directs their own work so I’m a applying to a few low residency writing MFAs as a back up.

last year URTA was disappointing for me. Really wanted to get into Iowa and was mad when I was waitlisted.  The program head Alan McVey seemed nice but he Keith saying I was overqualified. We both went to Yale undergrad ave that actually seemed to work against me.

any thoughts would  be great.  I also applied to MFA acting last year, which may have hurt.  Did get to 2nd round of Penn Stare but was really unimpressed but current students there... the one girl  seemed a really green, like justcommuniry theatre level stuff.

This is my 3rd URTA year (2012, I did acting but really wanted to direct and didn’t follow up).  2017 was several interviews but no response to my thank you emails. No idea what to expect this year.

waiting to hear from UCLA,Temple, FSU, and Indiana.  Met with Bitchface fromUT Austin but DID NOT like her superior attitude.

best of luck everyone!


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