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  1. I'm actually in the exact same situation. This is why Columbia was never even on my radar and why many excellent students don't apply there. Being in my 40s, recently married, and with a fellow artist partner who is keen on starting a family ASAP, it's hard to take on that much debt. I often find I'm not impressed with the work of many of their graduates. I assume, probably wrongfully, that Columbia N+MFA Directing grads are spoiled rich kids and could afford to go there first and talent is optional. It's also a lot of white men that come out of there. I find the lack of diversity unappe
  2. Still waiting on my rejections from URTA schools. Not too much of an issue since I’ve decided to apply to some MA and PhD programs for next year. But why are these schools not responding at all?
  3. I get the feeling that many of you are not URTA attendess but did nayine hear from Florida State, Temple, UCLA, or Brooklyn College? All of those schools interviewed me at URTA and only Brooklyn College responded to say we’ll let you know... those other schools have been silent.
  4. Anyone hear back from URTA directing interviews? I had a few and sebtvthsnk you emails to all but one — UT Austin. Thought KJ was a total bitch, she kept tying to trip me up in the interview and failed. She told me to prepare to have a conversatiin sbkht King Lear and it NEVER came up because she kept “verifying” something on my resume... I won an award she hasn’t and she was surprised... wow, lady, get over yourself. I received a return email from Brooklyn College just saying that they would get back to me much later... I offered to fill out an actual application but heard nothing a
  5. I know it’s a bit early but I’m wondering if anyone has heard back about MFA directing interviews yet after attending IRTA? I sent a bunch of thank you emails and only got a reply from one school (Brooklyn College) and it was just a “we won’t be getting back to anyone for months” yet response. I had he sane issue last year when I did URTA directing interviews — great resume, more professional than academic, but they seemed to want you get, more fresh-out-of-college people. I’m also a playwright and screenwriter who directs their own work so I’m a applying to a few low residency writin
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