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Parsons Paris Fall 2018


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Hello everyone! Just wondering if someone has applied to Parsons Paris for Fall 2018. I'm anxiously waiting to hear back from them regarding the MA Fashion Studies.


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Hi! I also applied to Parsons Paris for Fall 2018! MA History of Design & Curatorial Studies. I just got my interview invite today and decided to log in here (I'm usually just a chronic lurker) and see if there was anyone else. 

What made you pick Parsons Paris? Have you been to Paris before? Do you speak French?

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So good to hear this! And congrats on getting an interview! I found out about mine this past Sunday. I'll be having it this week, what about yours?

As for your other questions, I've been to Paris once about 10 years ago and I speak a little bit of French. I chose Parsons Paris because I love the opportunities available there compared to the NY campus. What about you? 

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