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I received an offer from my top program with a recommendation for a TA position (details to come so I'm not sure if it's going to be a full tuition remission or not). However, I'm still waiting on one program but they won't meet until mid-March, and I didn't receive an invite to campus (all have been sent out).

Should I accept the admission or wait?

I have a visit to the school at the beginning of March, so I'll at least wait until then.

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I would for sure wait accept until you visit like you say. When you visit you may find out it is not as good of a fit as you thought it might be and you might decide you want to wait and hear back from your other program and see if you can't also visit it and compare. Also I would personally wait to accept until I knew all the financial details of the top program as well since these details may also influence your decision.

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