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I think most of Counseling Psychology Programs have sent out their offers. Lucky enough I have received several offers and is now freaking out about which offer to take.

For all Counseling Psychology applicants, what are your criteria in choosing which offer to take?

So far, I have thought about:

- University Ranking

- Program Ranking

- Advisor-Advisee fit (research fit, personality fit)

- Lab-Advisee fit (other lab members)

- Other opportunities (lab projects, PI being a journal editor, Grant proposal, number of co-work between different albs)

- Lab turnout (Latest graduates taking faculty position), International student turnout (I'm an international student)

- Funding (Amount, Length, Number of hours working)

- Location of Univ. (Life style, cost of living, diversity)

- Practicum opportunity (difficulty of getting practicum position, diverse sites)

I want to know your thoughts on the criteria I mentioned above; whether or not they are appropriate or not. And which do you think is the most important and please add ones that are not mentioned above. I also have to say that my career goal is to stay in academia and if possible, be a faculty member at a University. So those of you thinking about becoming practitioner may have different criteria. 

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Congrats on the offers! If you're interested in academia, I would go for the program that offers more opportunities to get publications, write a great thesis (and get funding for this) and to present at conferences. This will help you stand out in the field and make connections necessary for future employment. 

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