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Applying For Master in CS with Arts Background


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I am a graduating student from a good Canadian university expecting a BA in economics, and I am looking into applying for a Master in CS degree in U.S..

My profile is a bit irrelevant since I was not preparing to go in this direction. have minor mathematical&CS background --- elementary econometrics, statistics, economic modelling. No linear algebra, no calculus. Only an introductory course in Java, plus a bit of SQL and Python.  Economics could be very quantitative, but that is not the route that I took. I extended a three-year program into a four-year program for some personal reasons. 

My grade is about 3.85+, no previous job experience, only experience on an economic history project with limited use of quantitative methods.


I plan to do GRE and make up for my lack of Math qualification after graduation. I wonder which schools and programs should I aim for after given my background? I know that there are a few programs such the arts-friendly Msc program at UChicago, but not many. I also looked into degrees such as Msc in Economics and Computation, but I am not sure how useful they are.

I would also like to take some suggestions on what else I could do in preparation for a master degree in CS and for the change of my career path. ( for example, whether there are credited non-degree programs in CS that I could take.)




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