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If you got into Yale's PhD program...


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Hey thumbnail,

I know for certain of one acceptance in NT, one in theology, and two in Ancient Christianity. There may be another theology admit as well, if in fact the post from a week ago was legitimate (I assume it was (why lie?), but it was submitted before the University/GSAS officially finalized admissions decisions on Thursday night).

I am fairly sure all acceptances were posted to people's application accounts today, as well. Non-acceptances may have been posted too, but I don't know.

I hope this helps and best of luck!

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I haven't heard back yet. But when I called in they informed me that the registrar was out today (not sure if that effects anything) and that we should be getting our notifications soon.

I haven't heard as of yet either (totally expecting a rejection), but I find it amazing how a school like Duke can get this all done a month or so earlier than schools like Yale.

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My remaining hope for Yale is in pretty short supply at this point. Thanks for the interaction on the post, though. I'm sure it'll all work out in the end.

Does any one know how many slots the school has and whether or not there are quotas regarding which subfield? My hope is in short supply as well.

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