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How much should I divulge to POI?


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Hello friends! In need of some urgent advice here. So POI at School A has emailed me an unofficial offer. We Skype interviewed a month back. In the past month, I had another Skype interview with School B, and I have not yet got an acceptance from there yet (But I think I will).

Now Prof at School A wants to know "what my status is" at the moment. I could tell him about the development with School B, or I could choose not to. The reason for not telling him: what if he decides NOT to proceed with the official offer if he gets the feeling that I am iffy?

Note: I am more interested in getting into School B

Please help!!

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I imagine that if school A extended you an offer, that will not change regarding information about another program from which you haven't heard back.  You may not need to be specific with regard to what school you're waiting on, but simply say that you're waiting to hear back from other schools and will you let you know as soon as possible. Mind you, take my advice with a grain of salt. While on the phone with my POI who had just granted me an unofficial offer, I mentioned that I wouldn't be able to confirm until I found out from other programs. She was very understanding and I ended up accepting, but I can't generalize to other situations. 

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Thank you Coyosso!

I get what you mean. I decided to do the same as you did. I wrote back to them saying I am waiting to hear back from other schools, BUT School A is certainly one of my top choices. Prof sent me a reply pronto, asking me to let him know if 'my situation changes'.

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2 hours ago, Coyosso said:

You're very welcome. They are very understanding. Good luck with also getting an offer at school B!

Thank you! Congratulations to you for having enrolled into a program already. Wish you the best.

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