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Penn's MPH Program - any thoughts?


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I'm deciding between Penn and Columbia (thus far - still waiting for PhD decisions) for their respective MPH programs and was wondering if anyone had any comments on either program.

My major concerns with Penn are:

(1) the program is small (roughly 20 people) and I fear that many of the students are either in dual degree programs or enrolled part-time; and

(2) that because the program is offered through the Medical School, there isn't as much faculty support for the public health students because their primary affiliation is to the medical school and its students.

Please comment on your thoughts / experiences / suggestions.

Many thanks, and best of luck to all!

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Hey; I'm not in the MPH program, but I've been a health economist at Penn for a year and a half... I also did my BA/MA here and love this school. Your program might be small, but there are so many interesting classes you'll be able to take (cross-listed with other schools/programs, so you'll meet tons of people) and faculty members interested in public health research... it's ridiculous. Med school, Wharton, LDI; Penn has great resources, funding, and lots of available data. No shortage of opportunities for you.

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